The Winner of the 2014 Antique AC Contest Has Been Found!

August, 16—Chicago, IL

Four Seasons is proud to announce the 2nd annual Antique Air Conditioner Contest winner. From June 15th through August 15th, contestants flooded the Four Seasons website with numerous entries in hopes of being the owner of the oldest air conditioner in the Chicago land and Northwest Indiana area. After review, it brings great pleasure to award Dinisio Gill from Country Club Hills an energy efficient XC13 Lennox Air Conditioner. For the past 51 years, Mr. Gill’s home had been cooled by the same Sears air conditioner. Now that’s what you would call a true antique!

With the rising costs of energy and tight budgets, the Antique Air Conditioner Contest sheds light on an important efficiency oversight in many of our homes throughout the area. This contest was an eye-opener for all those who entered, and most were extremely surprised to find out how old their AC unit actually is.

Congratulations to Dinisio Gill for winning the XC13 Lennox Air Conditioner. Not only is this sure to reduce his  energy bills, but it will provide a cool, comfortable environment for all those who visit. Congratulations again.

Four Seasons Sponsors Chili Cookoff for Make A Wish® Foundation

Make A Wish Foundation

August— Plainfield, IL

Bring the heat or get out of the kitchen!

On September 21, 2014 Four Seasons will be a 5 Alarm Sponsor of the 2014 Chili Kickoff Cookoff for the Illinois Make a Wish® Foundation. The event will be hosted at Nevin’s Brewing Company in Plainfield and will feature local chefs and top-notch cooks from our own back yards serving up the best chili in Chicago while you listen to live music performed by Cirrus Falcon!

I can’t think of anything more important or worthwhile than supporting an organization like the Make A Wish® Foundation, which depends on companies like us to help fulfil the dreams of these brave kids. We’d like to thank our fellow 5 Alarm Sponsors, Plainfield Bank & Trust and Naperville Bank & Trust, for joining us in backing what will surely be a fun and meaningful event.

Jeff Vida
Director of Sales
Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing

To order your tickets and learn more information about the Chili Kickoff Cookoff, visit the official website of the Chili Kickoff Cookoff!

Nevin’s Brewing Company
Plainfield, IL
Sunday, September 21, 2014
12pm to 5pm

Remember to enter promo code “FSHC” when ordering your tickets online to receive a free raffle ticket!

Four Seasons Home Services Launches Full Electrical Services Division!

July 11,2014 — Chicago, IL

Four Seasons Home Services, Chicago’s premier home improvement contractor named 6th largest in the nation by Qualified Remodeler magazine, has launched a full, licensed Electrical Services Division to compliment their already robust array of services. Now, the people of Chicago land can take advantage of residential and commercial electrical services along with any windows, siding, doors, roofing, and interior or exterior remodeling project. Four Seasons’ commitment to provide comprehensive, all-inclusive home remodeling solutions has just taken another huge step with the launch of this department.

For service and panel upgrades, lighting retrofitting, generators, whole-home rewires, and more contact Four Seasons Home Services today!

Or, visit our website for an expanded list of electrical services now offered by the name you already trust!

“The launch of our Electrical Services Division marks a milestone in the growth of our company and the services we can now provide our customers. In response to your requests, we are thrilled to take our signature level of quality and customer satisfaction to addressing the electrical needs of Chicago land.”

-Ryan Bruinsma, President and CEO
Four Seasons Home Services

Four Seasons Wins energySMART Biggest Therm Saver Award

June 3, 2014 — Chicago, IL

The Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program hosts the energySMART awards every year to reward companies who champion the cause of energy efficiency and encourage others to follow suit. This year at the Award Ceremony and Recognition Luncheon on June 2, 2014 in Oak Brook, Illinois, Four Seasons was honored with the Biggest Therm Saver Award.

The Biggest Therm Saver Award is given to the company that assists the most homes and families in registering for Nicor Rebates and Incentives after purchasing new energy efficient HVAC equipment.

A major component to winning this award was highlighting the benefits of energy efficient equipment to our customers to help encourage them to make the greener selection. While we may have won an award for our efforts, every move we collectively make towards a more efficient city is something we all can benefit from.
Jeff Vida, Director of Sales
Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing

Four Seasons Wins MVP in Nicor “March Rebate Madness”

Nicor MVP

May 16, 2014 — Chicago, IL

As part of the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program which offers rebates and incentives to help businesses and residents save energy and money, Nicor Gas Company hosted the March Rebate Madness. The March Rebate Madness Contest is another way to create further incentives for companies to participate in curbing the energy expenditures of our city and our neighbors. The contest was comprised of two categories:

  • The Layup: For every programmable thermostat installed, the contractor will score a layup.
  • The Steal: The contractor with the greatest improvement in their ratio of furnace installations with a 97% AFUE rating or higher will earn the steal.

Winners of the contest are determined by a combination of the two categories listed above, and Four Seasons is proud to have earned the MVP Award by installing more programmable thermostats than any other contractor in the month of March.

Four Seasons Helping Make Chicago Safer

Telemundo Press Flood

February 19, 2014– Chicago

Four Seasons Plumber, Jose Figueroa, appeared on the 5 P.M. Telemundo News to provide expert advice on maintaining your plumbing system in preparation for expected flash and river flooding as temperatures rise throughout Chicago. Most importantly, Figueroa, comments on the method necessary to test if your sump pump is still operational.

“If you are unsure that your sump pump is working correctly, use a five gallon jug of water, fill the sump pump up until it triggers the device. If the water drains, your sump pump is working correctly.”
- Jose Figueroa
Four Seasons Plumber

The report goes on to interview the Commissioner of Water Management, Thomas Powers, who advocates for all homeowners to spend a few minutes clearing the ice off the drains outside their homes. This will help the drainage system process the water and reduce the chance of flooding in your neighborhood.

ABC7 Reports: Four Seasons Aids Potential Flood Victims

ABC7 floodFebruary 19, 2014– Chicago

ABC7 Reports on the potential for river flooding as well as flash flooding on the roads of Chicago due to sudden rain and a period of rapidly rising temperatures. The story goes on to cover Palos Hills resident, Bob Sabel, and his appointment with Four Seasons plumber, Sidney Kincaid. Even though Sabel’s sump pump was fully operational when he called Four Seasons, he stated that his pump was “eleven years old…so I knew this one was living on borrowed time.” Kincaid commented that sump pumps towards the end of their lifespan are likely to fail during the swift and heavy workload bound for the Chicago area region.

ABC7 continues with reports of homeowners throughout Chicago land heading for local hardware stores searching for answers and precautions they can take to minimize the flooding risk in their homes.

The segment concludes with Kincaid briefly demonstrating the method necessary to test your sump pump. Simply pour water in the pit and manually lift the sump pump’s float switch; if your pump is fully operational, these steps will trigger the drain mechanism.

“If [your sump pump is] not working or it’s working intermittently, that tells us right there that you’re going to have problems.”

–Sidney Kincaid
Four Seasons Licensed Plumber

NBC5 Reports: Furnaces Fail in Record Low Temperatures


February 3—Chicago, IL

The dangerous temperatures that assaulted Chicago land are some of the lowest in history. When temperatures reach those depths, machines often face difficulty causing thousands of furnaces to break down unexpectedly. Four Seasons was up to the task in the recent weeks answering and providing solutions for each and every family in need.

NBC5 reports on one such request in Wicker Park at the home of Felicia Pratt who reported her furnace was making a loud noise in the middle of the night upon ignition. This furnace would then deactivate soon after it started. Certified Four Seasons Technician, Tony Michalak, diagnosed the problem as a malfunctioning blower motor. The motor was failing to circulate the air in Pratt’s furnace causing the temperature levels inside the unit to exceed the internal limits. This triggered a safety mechanism to shut off the furnace before any significant damage was done. Once the blower motor was replaced, Felicia Pratt’s home had heat once again.


ABC7 Reports: Plummeting Temperatures and Plumbing Problems

plumbingJanuary 26, 2014—Chicago, IL

With temperatures plummeting for the second time in three weeks, the Four Seasons Plumbers are back on the streets working tirelessly to assist the residents of Chicago land and Northwest Indiana with any and all plumbing emergencies. ABC7 reports on the story of local homeowner, Barbara Sciacchitano.

After returning from a two week vacation, Sciacchitano immediately knew there was a problem when she entered her freezing cold home. Four Seasons Plumber, Ruben Rabbers, discovered that the plumbing system and radiators had completely frozen solid in Sciacchitano’s absence. When pipes freeze, they have the potential to crack and burst as the stagnant water within the pipes freezes and expands. Unfortunately for Sciacchitano, this was precisely the situation in her home. Though Rabbers was quoted saying that this was the worst case he had seen this season, he was more than able to correct the problem and provide Sciacchitano with a fully-functional plumbing system once more.

Four Seasons Hosts 2nd Annual Coat Drive

Coat Drive

January 14, Chicago IL

For the second year in a row, Four Seasons hosted a Coat Drive to benefit the local community. The recipient of Four Seasons’ generous donation was Walker Elementary School located just a few miles from the Four Seasons office in Bedford Park. The school was in need of winter gear to help keep their students warm this season, and Four Seasons was happy to provide.

Coat drive

Coats, hats, scarves, gloves and more were donated by the staff and crew at Four Seasons between the dates of December 2 and January 10. By the end of the drive, enough clothing was raised to provide for dozens of students in need of winter apparel.