A Dusty Furnace| Oak Lawn, Oak Forest

Part of owning a home or an apartment is getting rid of dust, so we take our feather-dusters on a stick and wipe down our whole house to get rid of the stuff. It can aggravate our sinuses and allergies and make the whole home look a bit like a haunted house, but worse than that are the effects of dust in your furnace. Our Four Seasons techs have seen all too many times the ravaging destructive results of a furnace caked in dust and other small debris. It sounds like suck a minor issue, but without regular maintenance it can have disastrous results.

Dust Damage Description

  • Pungent Burning Odor: When the interior of the furnace is caked in dust, this dust, like most things, will burn. Left behind is a black disgusting residue that packs itself onto the interior components of the furnace. Every year the furnace isn’t cleaned, the new layer of dust is burnt and adds to the residue. This burning also releases a terrible burning smell.
  • Decreased Efficiency: In the same way mud and dirt on the cooling coils of an air conditioner will decrease efficiency so will the burnt dust residue on your burners. The dust limits the furnaces ability to transmit the heat from the combustion chamber. Less efficiency means more money spent every month on your energy bills.
  • Inevitable Breakdown: A well-maintained furnace should last you 20-25 years, which makes it a worthy and lasting investment. However, if a furnace is not cleaned and the dust is allowed to accumulate and burn each season the breakdown is inevitable. The blower motor can become caked in the residue and not spin as effectively until finally it cannot spin at all because it is so off-balance. This can be a very expensive furnace repair. In addition the heat exchanger can suffer. Ultimately you are looking at a furnace that may only last 10 years, 40% of its intended lifespan.

Don’t Wait Until it is too Late

Luckily preventing this disaster is very simple. By scheduling a furnace cleaning with Four Seasons each year in the fall you can ensure that the furnace will be dusted, the components still work correctly, and there is no other internal damage. A furnace cleaning or repair also comes with our No-Breakdown Guarantee. If your furnace breaks down this season after we have cleaned and inspected it, then we will come back out and repair the furnace for free. This is the best way to achieve the peace of mind and confidence that your furnace will work throughout the upcoming seasons. Stay warm this winter!