Benefits of a Strategic Partnership: Save Money | Naperville, Alsip

Last week we talked about how Four Seasons Strategic Partnerships can save property managers and multi-unit organizations time, but this week, we are going to look a little closer at the pricing benefits Four Seasons offers with these programs as well. When caring for multiple buildings or units, you can’t afford to waste money, but you also can’t afford to cut corners either.  With Four Seasons, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Save money, save time, and eliminate the headaches of managing multiple properties.

Special Pricing Options from Four Seasons

  • Net-Terms: These terms allow managers to schedule payments for when it is most convenient for their budget. We get the work done now and you pay for it 30 or 60 days later. This helps you avoid the hassle of unexpected out of pocket costs. 
  • Financing: Sometimes your properties need major repairs, renovations, or replacements and paying for them in full up front is simply unrealistic. With Four Seasons attractive financing options, including zero interest options, you can get the work done fast and take your time paying off the bill. Any project becomes affordable with Four Seasons financing.
  • Multi-Unit Discounts: By having all of your units cared for by one company, you receive discounts. The more you buy the more you save concepts can be applied to any Four Seasons Strategic Partnerships service. So, rather than having six different companies perform the same service, call Four Seasons, have it done simply, and save!

Making Your Life Easier and Saving You Money

Keeping the costs of multiple contracts organized is a major inconvenience. Everyone wants to be paid at different times, and it becomes nearly impossible to keep everything straight in your mind. Four Seasons eliminates this hassle by assigning you a single point of contact: your Senior Account Manager. This is the one person you will contact for everything you need from scheduling to pricing, and their sole purpose is to make your life easier. If this sounds like the kind of partnership you need for your properties, call Four Seasons today!