Birds in Your Furnace

This is a rather odd, but not uncommon, situation for your home heating system. Believe it or not, birds can and will hop into your exhaust fans and chimneys looking for a cozy-warm homestead. However, these squawking squatters can cause a variety of issues for you and your family ranging from the inconvenient to the deadly. So, it is important to watch out every fall and winter.

Birds in Your Furnace: Why Does This Happen?

As the weather gets colder and the days grow shorter, birds seek better shelter before migrating south. To these birds, your furnace exhaust pipe looks like a cozy, warm refuge from the elements. Considering their alternative is a leafless tree, it is hard to blame them. When it comes to chimneys, a bird will see it as a secure place to build a nest and, in as little as an afternoon, will have taken up residence in your chimney.

The Result of the Infestation

  • Exhaust Pipe: Unfortunately for you and the bird (mostly the bird), these animals will often perish inside the pipe or internal components of the furnace. This will prevent your furnace from turning on. If your furnace won’t start, schedule a Four Seasons Repair; it could be that a bird has found its way inside.
  • Chimney: Each winter before using your chimney, be sure that it is clear. A nest will clog up the furnace and prevent carbon monoxide from exiting the home. With nowhere else to go, it will seep back into your house. Keep your chimney clear and fresh batteries in your CO detector to protect your family from the silent killer.

Just a Part of Life

There isn’t much that can be done to prevent such a situation. Most homes cannot put a screen over the end of the exhaust pipe, because the water vapor exhaust will freeze and clog the pipe. In the end, you have to just keep an eye out and solve the problem when it arises. Schedule a repair if anything goes wrong, and always maintain your furnace with a proper Four Seasons Clean and Check!