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Snowstorm on the Way for Chicagoland!

four seasons, emergency repair truckChicago is no stranger to snow fall. A few inches fell last week, and tomorrow morning through Wednesday afternoon, we are expecting another 4-8 inches of accumulation. While this snowstorm is sure to make a mess for commuters, if you have Four Seasons on your side, a furnace malfunction doesn’t have to make a mess of your home comfort.

Top-Notch Service despite the Storm

Four Seasons 24 hour emergency furnace repair technicians will be diligently providing top-notch services throughout this snowstorm. We don’t stop or delay service no matter the weather conditions because this is Chicago! We are known for our intense, unpredictable climate and the people of this great city need to know that there is someone out there capable of ensuring their comfort. Four Seasons is that company. (more…)

In-Home Estimates from a Company that Cares

Four Seasons always provides free in-home estimates for any repair or installation job we perform. We cannot and will not quote prices over the phone to our customers. Now, this may sound like a hassle or an inconvenience to you, but, as you will soon see, this policy was made to ensure you receive the best service at the best price when you hire Four Seasons.

In-Home Estimates

Many other HVAC companies will quote a low price on the phone to reel you into a contract. How can they know exactly what you need without seeing your home and ductwork? This shady estimate results in one of two things:

  1. The work is not installed correctly, and the project takes far longer than it should.
  2. The final price is laced with hundreds of dollars in hidden fees.

Either way, you are receiving sub-par quality work for your heating system. With the economy slowly recovering, our Chicago area families cannot afford to waste money on companies unprepared to deliver exceptional results. That is why when you need HVAC repair, maintenance, or installation, call a company with a history of excellence in customer service. As an A+ rated company and nine time winner of the Angie’s List Super Service Award, Four Seasons provides a real estimate. The price quoted is the final price. No hidden fees, no mistakes, only the services that you need, when you need it. This is just another reason to choose Four Seasons.

The Four Seasons Prehistoric Furnace Contest!

How old is your furnace? Is it 10, 20, 65 MILLION years old? If you feel like your furnace is still stuck in the stone age, then you are the perfect applicant for the Four Seasons Prehistoric Furnace Contest! Four Seasons is on the hunt for the oldest furnace in our service area (Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana)! The winner of the contest will have their fossil replaced by a brand new efficient furnace!

Benefits of a New Furnace

  • More Consistent Heating: Those cold spots in the house could be completely eliminated by a new furnace up to the task of heating the home.
  • Lower Energy Bills: As a furnace ages, it loses the efficiency it once had. The gas consumption and bills go up while the heating power declines. A brand new efficient furnace would slash your energy bill every month!
  • Reduce the Threat of Breakdowns: An old furnace could quit at any moment. With a brand new furnace, your breakdown fears will wash away leaving only a cozy warm home.

Everyone’s a Winner!

Even if your furnace turns out to be younger than some, you still receive an exclusive offer from Four Seasons. There’s no reason not to apply!

For full contest details and the online application form click here!


High Efficiency Furnace Law Repealed!

Furnace, air conditioner, high efficiency

A few months back, Four Seasons was informed that a new law would soon take effect that would set new requirements for the furnaces we were allowed to sell. The Department of Energy had raised the energy efficiency standards for heating systems in the northern states in the US, and the changes were to take effect as of May 1st, 2013. We took the opportunity to inform our customers of the upcoming law, but we have great news! The law has been repealed!

The DOE High Efficiency Furnace Law

The law would have banned the manufacture and distribution of furnaces rated less than 90% AFUE. The current minimum standard is 80% AFUE, and 90% or greater AFUE furnaces can be significantly more expensive. With the repeal of this law, the minimum standard will remain at 80% AFUE, and homeowners will retain the ability to choose which level of energy efficiency would benefit their home and their budget the most. (more…)

What is a High Efficiency Furnace?

In short, a high efficiency furnace uses less energy to operate than a standard furnace, as a result it generally has a higher energy efficiency rating. There are tons of furnaces out there that claim to be high efficiency or to lower your energy bills. So, it is important, as a consumer, to be aware of how these attributes are determined and to be prepared to discern the efficiency level of a furnace without a salesman to lead you.

High AFUE — High Efficiency!

AFUE: This stands for the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency score. It measures the thermal efficiency of combustion equipment like furnaces, boilers, and water heaters. The AFUE does not measure the peak efficiency of the appliance, but is rather a composite score of the average efficiency of the unit throughout a full year. This gives a clearer picture of how efficient the furnace will actually be throughout the year, instead of the efficiency it could achieve.

The AFUE score is represented as a percentage. This reflects a direct ratio of Btu’s used as fuel to Btu’s of useful heat expelled from the furnace. So, if you have an AFUE score of 97% (a very high score indeed!), for every 100 Btu’s of fuel used, 97 Btu’s will be pumped into the home.

So Where is the Bar?

A great way to gauge whether or not something is high efficiency is to look for the Energy Star insignia on the product. Energy Star is a 3rd party organization which certifies and honors products which are exceptionally energy efficient. So, if it’s Energy Star, it’s energy efficient. This is a great place to start when choosing a furnace, because in Illinois, in order to qualify for Energy Star, the furnace must have an AFUE rating of 95% or higher!


A Changing Industry

The HVAC industry is always developing more and more efficient designs for their furnaces. So, similar to the technology industry, as a rule of thumb if your furnace is not brand new, there is a more advanced model on the line. However, instead of replacing a new furnace immediately, this means that any furnace you purchase will be more efficient that one from 20 years ago. Browse the Four Seasons furnace products page to view our incredible Lennox products, or if you would like to check out our most efficient model, follow this link to the SLP 98V!

High 50’s in January…in Chicago?!

January in Chicago was once synonymous with copious amounts of snow and icy cold temperatures. This winter, this has not been the case at all. As the temperature climbs into the upper 50’s this week, many homeowners are enjoying more than just the weather. They are enjoying lower energy bills, and saving tons of money! At Four Seasons, we have found that many homeowners are taking this rare opportunity to invest the savings back into their home in the form of energy efficiency improvements.

Don’t Rely on Mother Nature to Save You Money!

It is great to have nice weather and to benefit from the reduction in our heating costs, but we can’t always rely on Mother Nature to save us money. However, when you have energy efficient heating and cooling systems in the home, you never have to worry what the weather is like because you are always saving money. (more…)

Birds in Your Furnace

This is a rather odd, but not uncommon, situation for your home heating system. Believe it or not, birds can and will hop into your exhaust fans and chimneys looking for a cozy-warm homestead. However, these squawking squatters can cause a variety of issues for you and your family ranging from the inconvenient to the deadly. So, it is important to watch out every fall and winter. (more…)

Deck the Halls with Energy Efficiency| Oak Park, Chicago Heights

Tis the season to be jolly, but the holidays are full of fun, family, and… expenses. Multiple parties and presents can really drain the pocketbook. Suddenly, you’re pinching pennies before the New Year. Well this is a great place to start; with these energy efficiency tips, you can Fa-La-La-La-La your way to a lower energy bill!

Four Seasons Energy Efficiency Tips

  • The 2 Degree Pledge: Turn your thermostat down 2 degrees to save up to 10% on your heating costs!
  • The Power of the Sun: Open your curtains during the day to take full advantage of the best heater in existence, the sun!
  • Winter Ceiling Fans: Run your ceiling fans in the clockwise direction to increase comfort, circulation, and savings!

The Best Way to Cut Energy Costs…

…is to purchase a new high efficiency furnace! The HVAC industry is always producing more and more sophisticated systems to lower energy costs. If you have an old furnace, chances are it is not nearly as efficient as it could be. The energy savings each month can be put towards your new furnace, and before you know it, you’ll be putting extra cash in you pocket every month! Call Four Seasons today to discuss how we can cut energy costs together.



Silent Night, Holy Heat Exchanger | Lemont, La Grange, Lynwood

All may seem calm and bright this holiday season until a crack in your heat exchanger leaks carbon monoxide into the home. If your furnace hasn’t been checked this year, have the Certified Heat Exchanger Specialists at Four Seasons take a look.

Heat Exchanger Cracks and Leaks

As the furnace ages, the heat exchanger becomes vulnerable to cracks and leaks. The constant heating and cooling of the steel that makes up the heat exchanger eventually leads to weakening and what may begin as hairline cracks can turn into carbon monoxide leaking holes in your furnace. The noxious gases created during the combustion process are then allowed to circulate throughout the home and can lead to illness and possibly even death if the concentration reaches high enough levels. (more…)

If Your Furnace Won’t Start…| Park Forest, Crete

If your furnace simply refuses to turn on, there are actually a few things you can do at home to troubleshoot your heating system. Now, we would never condone or recommend anyone other than a NATE certified professional to work on your furnace, but these are some simple strategies to solve minor problems. Your furnace may not need a repair after all.

3 Troubleshooting Methods

  • Check Your Thermostat: The first thing to do is to check your thermostat. Make sure it is set to “HEAT” and make sure the temperature isn’t set too low. Get your thermostat straightened out and your furnace may just spring to life!
  • Check your Intake/Outake Valve: Many furnaces with an AFUE score of 90% or higher will have a PVC intake/outake valve leading outdoors. Head outside to give this a look. This valve could be blocked with dirt and leaves. Uncork the valve and you could be on your way to a warmer home.
  • Reboot the System: You’ve probably done something similar to this with your modem. There should be a reset button on your furnace, turn off the system, wait 20 seconds and turn it back on.

Now Call Four Seasons!

If these simple tips aren’t working, chances are your furnace needs a real repair. Call Four Seasons today and our experienced NATE certified professionals will be quickly dispatched to solve your problem. We offer 24 hour emergency repairs, so no matter what time of day or night, we are ready to help. The best way to prevent furnace breakdowns is through regular maintenance. If you haven’t already scheduled your yearly furnace clean and check, there’s still time before that first big freeze!