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Why You Should Insulate- Infographic

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When it comes to making energy efficient home improvements,most homeowners aren’t willing or able to invest tens of thousands of dollars in upgrades like wind turbines or geothermal heating and cooling systems. These improvements would eliminate many energy costs, but they aren’t practical if you are living on a budget. However, just because you can’t afford to make massive changes, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make any changes!

Make Your Energy Improvement Dollars Count!

Every improvement to the way your home consumes energy is an improvement in your bottom line, but finding ways to invest your money wisely in energy efficiency will truly be the difference between seeing a difference on your energy bills and spending more money than the improvement can help you save. Insulation is an energy efficient home improvement that comes with many benefits AND an affordable price tag! Check our Four Seasons’ infographic to learn all of the benefits insulation has to offer.

The New Home Services Site is Live!

Four Seasons is excited to unveil our new Four Seasons Home Services Website! We would like to thank our online marketing, graphic design, and IT departments for their tireless efforts in creating another fantastic Four Seasons website!

Features of the New Home Services Site

  • Remodeling Pages: We break down all the incredible benefits of our remodeling services on a landing page as well as kitchen, basement, and bathroom remodeling sub-pages. Free consultation, 3D designs, and a focus on your ideas make a Four Seasons remodeling project one of joyous rejuvenation. For quick referencing we have also created handy infographics to break the information down! (more…)

What to Consider When Adding a Bathroom to Your Home

For some families, every morning begins with an argument over the bathroom. Having only one bathroom in the home often leads to chaos when there are multiple people living in the home that have get ready for school or work at the same time. However, this doesn’t have to be the case in your home and you can eliminate bathroom battles with a little help from Four Seasons. Our Home Services division specializes in bathroom remodeling and additions and their solutions could be just what your home needs to bring some peace to your mornings.

5 Points to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

  • Full or Half: Does your home need another full bathroom complete with tub and shower? Some families simply need another room with a toilet, sink, and mirror in order to alleviate morning frustrations. You could cut your budget significantly by simply installing a powder room, or you could send a little more and have a full bath installed for a greater return on the investment in the long run. (more…)

Home Services Launches its New Windows Site!| Mokena, Homer Glen

Four Seasons is proud to introduce the new Four Seasons Home Services Windows Site! We’d like to congratulate our online marketing, graphic design, and IT departments for all the hard work they put into another amazing Four Seasons site!

Features of the New Windows Site

  • Four Seasons Windows Collection: An in depth breakdown of what makes the Optima, Elegance, and Radiance Series windows such an incredible value. From amazing insulation capabilities to the best warranties in the market today, the Four Seasons Windows Collection is the perfect choice for any homeowner.
  • Door Replacement: Make a statement with your door before your guest even enter your home! Interior, exterior, and storm doors to match any color or style can revolutionize your curb appeal and turn your current home, into your dream home.
  • Vinyl Siding: Instead of moving to a whole new home, give your current home a face-lift. You’d be amazed at home different your home will look when you replace the siding! With the option for different textures, colors, and defining details, you’ll feel like you’re living in a new home, without a new mortgage.
  • Four Seasons Resources: As with every Four Seasons site, we include invaluable resources to help educate you about the industry. Browse our glossary of window terms to gain an understanding of the ins and outs of your windows. Learn about the pushy sales tactics other companies use to try and pressure you into a sale so you can spot them when they happen. Finally, read about the health concerns of lead paint, and how our workers can safely operate in your home even if it was built when lead paint was all the rage.

Your Dream Home Awaits…

Head to FourSeasons-Windows today to discover all this and more. Let’s get to work on a whole home transformation! Yes, we are proud of the new site, but we are even more pleased with the incredible work our Home Services division is doing for the people of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana.


Insulating Every Nook and Cranny| Wheaton, Schaumburg

Older homes have a wonderful aesthetic appeal. The odd staircases and abundant room make for a quirky fascinating place to live. The problem is, that these homes weren’t designed with energy efficiency in mind, and the older your home is, the less efficient it was built. This means drafts, and air leaks that can make for a chilly and expensive winter. All you heated air could be leaking out through these cracks. The solution to this is simply proper insulation for your home. In the past, the only way to re-insulate a home was to rip the walls down, fill in the insulation, and rebuild the wall. Well, this is the 21st century, and innovation in the insulation industry has alleviated that concern. With Four Season’s blown-in insulation we can fill every nook and cranny in your home.

Areas in Need of Insulation

Walls Adjacent to Uninsulated Rooms: There are some areas of the home that simply aren’t insulated, because they didn’t need to be during the time of construction. Many garages and unfinished basements have no insulation at all. This isn’t a huge problem because not many people live or relax in their garage or unfinished basement. However, often times the walls separating these spaces from the rest of your home are uninsulated as well. This, on the other hand, is a problem. All that cold air in your garage or basement is sucking away the heat of your home through your garage!

Attics: As we all know, heat rises. This makes the attic of your home a crucial place for insulation. All that expensive heated air is floating up and seeping out of the top of your home. Many older homes were built with almost no attic insulation and any that was there has long since lived out its usefulness. With fresh fluffy insulation you can effectively put a nice warm hat on head of your home.

Crawl Spaces: Crawl spaces are great for storing all those Christmas decorations until that time of year comes, but is your crawlspace insulated. Of course you don’t care if your ornaments get a little chilly, but if the weather outside is frightful, it could be seeping into your home through your crawlspace.

Insulation Professionals

Insulation forms that protective bubble from the elements outside. If that bubble has any weak points, the winter cold will find them. It is far more expensive to try an heat a home when all the heat you pump in is quickly leaking out of these weak points. It becomes and endless expensive battle just to stay comfortable. Four Seasons can come in and insulate all these spaces in one day, and by nightfall you’ll already be saving money. Sure up your homes protective shield today; call Four Seasons and see how we can solve this problem for you.

Why Choose Four Seasons for Attic Insulation? | Chicago Heights

The EPA and many other energy efficiency organizations have found that improving insulation in a home where it is lacking is one of the most affordable projects that can make a huge improvement in the overall energy efficiency of the home. This is the main reason why Four Seasons began hiring insulation professionals and perfecting our craft in the installation of blown-in attic insulation.

We love services that are affordable and save our customers money down the line. This is why we are Chicago’s go-to contractor for attic insulation services, but if you have never used Four Seasons for this service, here are a few reasons why you should consider Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning for your attic insulation services.

Four Seasons Attic Insulation Services

  • Honest Assessment: Does your home even need more insulation? Many homeowners are looking for ways to save money on their energy bills, but this is only possible when you apply services that the home actually needs. Four Seasons will send one of our insulation professionals to your home to assess your needs free of charge, and if your insulation is adequate, we will let you know. (more…)

Leaky Windows Draining Your Savings | Palos Hills, Calumet City

Sometimes upgrading a furnace to a high efficiency system is not enough to see significant savings on your energy bills. When this happens, there is usually another energy draining problem in the home that is not being address. As a company that performs home energy audits, Four Seasons has found that many homes across Chicagoland are in desperate need of replacement windows because they are still relying on single-pane windows to keep out the cold.

3 of the Biggest Problems with Single Pane Windows:

  • Noise: The thin sheet of glass used in a single pane window is not able to insulate well against the intrusion of sound. Traffic, noisy neighbors, air conditioners, and lawn mowers can all create a lot of noise, and single pane windows will do little to stop these noises from disturbing the peace inside your home.
  • Heat Loss: Even if you have a tight seal around the frame, single pane windows do a poor job of preventing heat loss. This is where the energy losses begin to add up. Your high efficiency furnace will never run as efficiently as it could with these wasteful windows. (more…)

A Better Kind of Insulation | Calumet City, Hazel Crest

When you think of Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning, the logical assumption is that we only sell and install heaters or air conditioners, but that simply isn’t true. One of our main areas of focus is insulation. You can heat or cool a home all you want, but if the conditioned air doesn’t stay in the home, what’s the point? That’s why we have a whole division that specializes in attic insulation. When you hire Four Seasons for an insulation job you can expect the same high-quality work and customer service that has built this company over the past 41 years. However, something of note, is that Four Seasons doesn’t use the traditional fiberglass rolls of insulation you may already have in your attic. We use blown-in fiberglass insulation because, simply put, it’s better than the competition’s insulation. And here’s why…

Blown-in Fiberglass Insulation

  • It’s Green! Not in color of course, but it is composed of glass fibers and sand. The glass is 35% recycled and as the EPA says, sand is on of the Earth’s most easily renewable resource.
  • Pest Deterrent. The attic is usually a perfect place for rodents and other vermin to make a home, but with out special insulation you can be sure those varmints will stay outdoors where they belong.
  • Non-Combustible! This means that the insulation is very difficult to burn. It makes sens; the insulation is made from from glass and sand. When was the last time you saw glass go up in flames.
  • Non-Absorbent: There is nothing worse than wet insulation. The stuff will breed mold in no time, but the blown-in fiberglass insulation is non absorbent. If there is a leak in the attic all you’ll need is a towel instead of a service crew and hundreds of dollars.
  • R-Value Retention. Over time standard insulation will wear down and no longer function as well. Its R-Value (a rating system for insulation) will degrade. Our insulation well degrade at a vastly slower rate ensure your home stays insulated for years to come. In Chicago, Energy Star recommends you have an R-Value of at least 38. What’s your R-Value?

It’s almost the fall which means in a couple months we’ll be cranking up the heat and snuggling up. Don’t spend more on your heating bill than you have to. Get your insulation replaced or upgraded. The savings will pay for the insulation before you know it.

Is a Hot Attic Heating Up Your Home? | Elgin, Olympia Fields, Argo

Heat is your air conditioner’s number one enemy. Every time you open a door or window while the air conditioner is running, you allow large amounts of heat to pour into the home. That heat gain impact the function of the air conditioner, but the amount of heat that comes in through doors and windows is nothing compared to the amount of heat that could be coming in if your attic is not adequately insulated. Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning offers blown in attic insulation services that can give your home the protection it needs to keep the heat from impacting the function of your cooling system.

Strengthen Your Attic’s Heat Barrier

The attic is one area of the home that is not conditioned by the HVAC system. The sun beats down on the roof all day long and heat builds up in this space. Adequate insulation is the only barrier protecting the rest of the home from this buildup of heat in the attic. Over the years, any insulation that may have been protecting your home begins to settle. When insulation settles it loses its ability to resist heat transfer and it will gradually allow more and more heat to pass through into the home. For those of us that have a second floor that always seems excessively hot, inadequate attic insulation may be contributing to the problem. Luckily the solution is simple and affordable! (more…)

Plumbing Maintenance by Four Seasons | Crestwood, Calumet Park

Next to the heating and cooling systems, the plumbing system is very important. Every day we rely upon all aspects of the system to function properly and should something go wrong at the very least it will disrupt the flow of life within the home and at the very worst it will make one big mess. The plumbing system is nothing to tinker around with, and every homeowner that cares about the function of the plumbing will have a licensed plumber on hand. Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing is that plumber for hundreds of homeowners across Chicagoland, and if you haven’t taken care of your yearly plumbing maintenance check, Four Seasons can help you get it done.

Common Plumbing Problems and Maintenance Checks

Your Four Seasons plumber will clean out your plumbing system from top to bottom and check these areas for common problems that tend to plague plumbing systems.

  • Corrosion: This is a problem we often find in older homes that have galvanized piping. The pipes corrode from the inside out leading to loose connections and leaks throughout the system. Whether you can get by with a simple replacement of the affected areas or if you need pipes replaced throughout the home, Four Seasons can handle the task with skill and precision. (more…)