Symptoms of a Cracked Heat Exchanger| South Holland, Park Forest

Even though it is only August, this is the perfect time to make sure your furnace will work this winter. I know just thinking about turning on your furnace will make you sweat with the heat we’ve been having lately. However, If you make sure now or in the next couple of months everything is in working order, you can be confidant when the first snow falls you and your family will be toasty and comfortable.

Heat exchangers in your furnace often crack after years of wear and tear. While this is a common problem, it can have serious consequences if not fixed early. Here are a few things you can do this fall to see if your furnace needs work.

Symptoms of a Crack in the Heat Exchanger

  • Jiggling Orange Flames: Turn your furnace on and look at the flames inside. These flames should be steady and blue. If the flames jiggle and dance or are a yellow or orange color, this signifies impurities in the flame. This could be the result of a crack in the heat exchanger.
  • Soot Buildup: Take a gander at the internal components of the heat exchanger. You don’t need to know what all the parts do, because you are looking a black buildup on these parts or the heat exchanger itself.
  • Rust or Crack: The simplest and most obvious way to tell if there is a crack in the heat exchanger is to look for the crack. If you can’t see a crack, but there is rust, chances are it may have a hairline fracture or will soon have one.

The Consequences

High CO Levels: Carbon Monoxide! The Silent Killer! When there is a crack in the heat exchanger, the flames don’t burn pure and will emit CO into your home. It also will release the black soot you may see in your internal components. If you see any of these symptoms DO NOT USE YOUR FURNACE. It will be incredibly dangerous and deadly. CO is highly poisonous and even small concentrations in your air could prove fatal.

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