High 50’s in January…in Chicago?!

January in Chicago was once synonymous with copious amounts of snow and icy cold temperatures. This winter, this has not been the case at all. As the temperature climbs into the upper 50’s this week, many homeowners are enjoying more than just the weather. They are enjoying lower energy bills, and saving tons of money! At Four Seasons, we have found that many homeowners are taking this rare opportunity to invest the savings back into their home in the form of energy efficiency improvements.

Don’t Rely on Mother Nature to Save You Money!

It is great to have nice weather and to benefit from the reduction in our heating costs, but we can’t always rely on Mother Nature to save us money. However, when you have energy efficient heating and cooling systems in the home, you never have to worry what the weather is like because you are always saving money.

Save Money during the Worst Weather

Purchasing a new Lennox system to replace your existing inefficient unit could lead to hundreds of dollars in savings over the years to come. Even when the demand for heating is high, your new high efficiency furnace from Four Seasons will still operate more efficiently than your existing unit. So, take advantage of special rebates because like this warm weather, they won’t stick around for much longer. Call today and save for years to come.