High Efficiency Furnace Law Repealed!

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A few months back, Four Seasons was informed that a new law would soon take effect that would set new requirements for the furnaces we were allowed to sell. The Department of Energy had raised the energy efficiency standards for heating systems in the northern states in the US, and the changes were to take effect as of May 1st, 2013. We took the opportunity to inform our customers of the upcoming law, but we have great news! The law has been repealed!

The DOE High Efficiency Furnace Law

The law would have banned the manufacture and distribution of furnaces rated less than 90% AFUE. The current minimum standard is 80% AFUE, and 90% or greater AFUE furnaces can be significantly more expensive. With the repeal of this law, the minimum standard will remain at 80% AFUE, and homeowners will retain the ability to choose which level of energy efficiency would benefit their home and their budget the most.

Hard Time for High Efficiency Furnace Upgrade

For many, this slow moving economic recovery has hit hard at home. Budgets are already stretched to their limit, and being forced to upgrade to a 90% AFUE furnace should the current furnace breakdown simply wouldn’t be attainable without causing significant financial strain.  Four Seasons is glad that this law has been repealed because it alleviates this burden on families across our service area and Northern America.

Best Intentions for Better Efficiency

This being said, the law had good intentions. 90% AFUE furnaces have many benefits for our environment and your bottom line in the long term. They drastically decrease energy bills by decreasing the amount of energy you need to heat your home. The systems can be affordable when you take advantage of the many special offers Four Seasons is currently offering.  Just because this law is no longer in effect doesn’t mean you have to get a less efficient furnace. You can still upgrade and save, and Four Seasons is here to help make a 90+% furnace practical for nearly any homeowner. Give us a call today, talk to a Home Comfort Specialist, and choose your furnace’s energy efficiency for yourself!