New Year’s Resolution: Save on Energy Costs

Every year people make the same few resolutions…

This year, I will lose weight!

This year, I will quit smoking/drinking!

However, the most common resolution you will hear year after year is, “This year, I will save money!” Sure, you could buy cheaper food, spend your weekends at home, and cancel the summer road-trip, but a better idea would be to simply cut energy costs. Considering your heating and cooling systems account for half of your energy bills during peak months, this is a great place to trim excess spending!

Save on Energy Costs

  • New Furnace: As a furnace ages, it becomes increasingly less efficient. If your furnace has quite a few years under its belt or the furnace was already installed by a previous owner, it may be time to consider replacement. Four Seasons installs state-of-the-art high-efficiency furnaces designed and manufactured by Lennox. Soon, the furnace will have paid itself off and you’ll be reaping the savings every month!
  • Cook at Home: Turn your heat down a little bit and let your stove and oven do the heating for you! Your oven and stove are much cheaper to operate than your furnace and can give a supplemental boost to your home heating strategy.
  • Insulation: According to the EPA, adding attic insulation is the most cost-effective way to lower energy costs in your home. Four Seasons offers free in-home consultations. We’ll asses your R-Value and fill you in on how we can keep your home toasty warm the rest of the winter.

Free Online Energy Analysis

As one of the resources on our site, we link to to a handy energy analysis tool. Simply type in a few furnace/ air conditioner specs and click calculate! Suddenly you are presented with a plethora of helpful information including:

  • One, five, ten, fifteen, and twenty year savings when you upgrade.
  • Increased value of home after upgrade.
  • Yearly operating costs of your current and a new furnace.

This is a great way to assess your current heating and cooling situation and to discover just how beneficial a new high-efficiency furnace would be for you and your family. As always, call or click Four Seasons for a free consultation!