Short Cycling Furnaces| Lyons, Schaumburg

With winter on the horizon, it is already time to start thinking about our furnaces again. Chances are you’ve been using your furnace every night for about a month. If you haven’t already, now is the time to schedule your furnace maintenance check before the snow starts to fall. There’s nothing worse than a night in the Chicago winter without heat.

Since turning on your furnace this year, have you noticed anything odd? Listen to your furnace. It will tell you when things are wrong. Strange noises are a sure sign that trouble is brewing. Another thing to listen for is short cycling. Short cycling is when the furnace turns on and off every few minutes. The home never gets to the right temperature because the heat is only being distributed in short bursts. This problem could be caused by a number of factors:

Causes of Short Cycling

  • Dirty Furnace: When a furnace is dirty, it can quickly overheat. The furnace will automatically shut off as a safety precaution if the interior temperature rises too high. This could be the cause of the short cycle.
  • Clogged Dirty Filter: Clogged filters will not allow adequate airflow to enter the furnace. Without the airflow the furnace gets too hot and shuts off.
  • Blocked Ventilation: Another cause of overheating are blocked vents. If most of the vents in your home are closed during the short cycle, take a moment and try opening them. This may be the cause of your problem.
  • Oversized System: Oversized furnaces don’t overheat. Instead they have such powerful heating capabilities that they heat the home too fast and shut down. While this may sound like a good thing, a short cycling furnace will have a very short lifespan. No repair or maintenance can fix this, you will have to exchange this furnace for one that is appropriately sized.

Furnace Maintenance and Repair with Four Seasons

If your furnace is short cycling, most of these causes can be fixed with a simple furnace clean and check. Our 30+ point checklist will ensure a successful heating season and correct those issues which could ruin your energy efficiency and shorten the lifespan of your furnace. If you furnace is oversized we can hook you up with the latest and greatest Lennox furnaces on the market. Call or click today and put your home heating troubles in the past.