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Stop the Allergens!| Mokena, Lemont

Air quality in the fall can vary drastically. Some days, your allergies will be fine and you’ll breathe easily from morning till night. Then there are those other days. You wake up wheezing, with itchy eyes, and clogged sinuses. Those are some of the worst days of the year. The heat or cold is no problem, at least then you can breathe! Air quality is so important for a happy fall and winter.

How Four Seasons Can Help!

Keeping the air in your home fresh is accomplished through a variety of means. The most common of which is opening the window, but thats where all the allergens are! Alternatively you can call Four Seasons and talk to us about installing a Germicidal UV Light by Lennox. The UV light will operate regardless whether or not your heating or cooling system is running which makes it perfect for these in-between months.  It destroys bacteria and other particles in the air down to .03 microns. This could be the difference between your entire family getting the flu, or a healthy fall.

Call FOur Seasons and talk to our representative about other ways we can keep the air fresh in your home this fall. From air filters to air purifiers we have everything you need, and we’re just a phone call away!