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Home Services Launches its New Windows Site!| Mokena, Homer Glen

Four Seasons is proud to introduce the new Four Seasons Home Services Windows Site! We’d like to congratulate our online marketing, graphic design, and IT departments for all the hard work they put into another amazing Four Seasons site!

Features of the New Windows Site

  • Four Seasons Windows Collection: An in depth breakdown of what makes the Optima, Elegance, and Radiance Series windows such an incredible value. From amazing insulation capabilities to the best warranties in the market today, the Four Seasons Windows Collection is the perfect choice for any homeowner.
  • Door Replacement: Make a statement with your door before your guest even enter your home! Interior, exterior, and storm doors to match any color or style can revolutionize your curb appeal and turn your current home, into your dream home.
  • Vinyl Siding: Instead of moving to a whole new home, give your current home a face-lift. You’d be amazed at home different your home will look when you replace the siding! With the option for different textures, colors, and defining details, you’ll feel like you’re living in a new home, without a new mortgage.
  • Four Seasons Resources: As with every Four Seasons site, we include invaluable resources to help educate you about the industry. Browse our glossary of window terms to gain an understanding of the ins and outs of your windows. Learn about the pushy sales tactics other companies use to try and pressure you into a sale so you can spot them when they happen. Finally, read about the health concerns of lead paint, and how our workers can safely operate in your home even if it was built when lead paint was all the rage.

Your Dream Home Awaits…

Head to FourSeasons-Windows today to discover all this and more. Let’s get to work on a whole home transformation! Yes, we are proud of the new site, but we are even more pleased with the incredible work our Home Services division is doing for the people of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana.


Leaky Windows Draining Your Savings | Palos Hills, Calumet City

Sometimes upgrading a furnace to a high efficiency system is not enough to see significant savings on your energy bills. When this happens, there is usually another energy draining problem in the home that is not being address. As a company that performs home energy audits, Four Seasons has found that many homes across Chicagoland are in desperate need of replacement windows because they are still relying on single-pane windows to keep out the cold.

3 of the Biggest Problems with Single Pane Windows:

  • Noise: The thin sheet of glass used in a single pane window is not able to insulate well against the intrusion of sound. Traffic, noisy neighbors, air conditioners, and lawn mowers can all create a lot of noise, and single pane windows will do little to stop these noises from disturbing the peace inside your home.
  • Heat Loss: Even if you have a tight seal around the frame, single pane windows do a poor job of preventing heat loss. This is where the energy losses begin to add up. Your high efficiency furnace will never run as efficiently as it could with these wasteful windows. (more…)

Where Should I Install My Thermostat? | Evergreen Park, Lockport

Due to the relative simplicity of thermostat installation, many handyman homeowners will attempt this project without professional help, and if the thermostat they choose has a basic design, they are often successful. However, the biggest mistake that many homeowners make is installing the thermostat in the wrong place! You can’t base your placement solely on aesthetics, and choosing the wrong position could affect the way your heating and cooling systems provide comfort in the home. Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning has HVAC experts on staff that have installed hundreds or possibly even thousands of thermostats over the years, and these are some of the tips they suggest to keep in mind while moving or installing your new thermostat:

  • Away from Sources of Heat or Cold

Lights, large electronics, refrigerators, and direct sunlight are all sources of extra heat or cold within the home and your thermostat needs to stay away!

  • Install the Thermostat on an Interior Wall

Exterior walls may carry a lower or hotter temperature than interior walls based on the temperature outside. This temperature difference will affect the reading on the thermostat if the thermostat is installed on one of these walls. Choose an interior wall instead! (more…)