The Air Conditioner Cover Debate | Park Forest, Oak Forest, Dolton

As the candidates duke it out on the debate stage, HVAC contractors and experts have been debating the topic of air conditioner covers. Deciding whether or not to cover the air conditioner during the winter months is an ongoing discussion that seems to resurface before every heating season, and as a homeowner, sifting through the facts can be just as difficult as deciphering the truth amongst the political rhetoric. The only difference is that where politics may be a lost cause, finding the facts about air conditioner covers is not. Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning knows from firsthand experience the truth about ac covers, and this is the advice we offer: GET ONE!

Snow and Ice Build Up on the AC

Chicago winters are synonymous with copious amounts of snow and ice. Although last winter we may not have had much, this winter we cannot hope for the same. When snow falls in such large amounts and ice begins to form, it can collect on the fan blades within the condenser of your air conditioning system. The fan blades in modern air conditioners are larger and can collect large amounts of snow. When the snow isn’t removed, the added weight on the blades can cause them to warp.

Warped Air Conditioner Fan Blades

Warped fan blades may still allow the air conditioner to work, but they place unnecessary amounts of stress on the fan motor. The extra stress and cause costly damage not only to this motor but also to the compressor as a whole. All of this could be avoided, thought, when you protect your air conditioner with a custom fit air conditioner cover from Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning.

Perfect Protection from a Perfect Fit!

A proper fitting cover is essential to protection of the system. Most of the discussion about the pros and cons of using a cover comes out of the fact that many homeowners use covers that were not made for their air conditioner. When a cover doesn’t fit properly it can trap moisture inside causing rust to develop prematurely. This isn’t a problem though when the cover you purchase was designed specifically for your make and model of air conditioner.

If you want to properly protect your air conditioner, give Four Seasons a call. Our service team will get you the perfect air conditioner cover that will protect the air conditioner from the damaging effects of ice and snow buildup this winter.