The Four Seasons Prehistoric Furnace Contest!

How old is your furnace? Is it 10, 20, 65 MILLION years old? If you feel like your furnace is still stuck in the stone age, then you are the perfect applicant for the Four Seasons Prehistoric Furnace Contest! Four Seasons is on the hunt for the oldest furnace in our service area (Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana)! The winner of the contest will have their fossil replaced by a brand new efficient furnace!

Benefits of a New Furnace

  • More Consistent Heating: Those cold spots in the house could be completely eliminated by a new furnace up to the task of heating the home.
  • Lower Energy Bills: As a furnace ages, it loses the efficiency it once had. The gas consumption and bills go up while the heating power declines. A brand new efficient furnace would slash your energy bill every month!
  • Reduce the Threat of Breakdowns: An old furnace could quit at any moment. With a brand new furnace, your breakdown fears will wash away leaving only a cozy warm home.

Everyone’s a Winner!

Even if your furnace turns out to be younger than some, you still receive an exclusive offer from Four Seasons. There’s no reason not to apply!

For full contest details and the online application form click here!