Thermostat Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

For many homeowners, the heating system is something they never touch. The care of the system is completely left to the professionals at Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning, and we understand why. If you don’t know much about the operation of the furnace, you don’t want to risk the comfort of your family by working on it without a professional. However, every homeowner will have to tinker with their thermostat possibly even on a daily basis. Knowing the basics will help you better navigate the units operation and ensure comfort in between visits from Four Seasons.

Know Your Thermostat

  • Change the Batteries: Unless your thermostat is hard wired into the system, it will operate on batteries. These batteries should be changed on a yearly basis at least. If you can’t get the heating or cooling to start, change the batteries before you panic. The thermostat batteries can fail without completely shutting the display down.
  • Filter Alert: Is your thermostat flashing “Filter?” Have you already changed the filter and yet the alert remains? The filter alert feature on your thermostat doesn’t actually sense the cleanliness of your filter. It is simply a reminder that will go off every 30 days as a reminder to check or change the filter. Simply reset the thermostat and the filter alter will reset as well.
  • Placement: Where is the thermostat located in your home? It should be installed on an interior wall that is away from anything that may influence the temperature reading. The refrigerator, windows, or supply vents can all cause the thermostat to read a falsely high or low temperature.
  • Fan Settings: Your fan has two settings: “on” and “auto.” When the fan is set to auto it will only run during the heating and cooling cycles. The “on” setting will keep the fan running in between furnace cycles as well as during the cycle. Some homeowners mistakenly think that the furnace is not working when they leave the fan on “on.” They don’t realize that the fan will circulate air even when the furnace isn’t generating heat.
  • Temperature Differential: The temperature differential on your thermostat determines when the furnace will turn on and shut off, and you typically have three choices: 1, 2, and 3 degrees. For example, when the differential is set to 2 degrees, the furnace will turn on and off within two degrees of the set temperature. The larger the differential, the larger the temperature swings you will experience in between cycles.

Your Comfort is Our Priority

Any thermostat questions you may have can always be answered by the staff at Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning. We make your comfort our priority 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!