Winterize Outdoor Plumbing Fixtures | Elk Grove Village, Burbank

Every year, without fail, Four Seasons Plumbing receives calls for emergency repairs after a pipe or two bursts in a customer’s home. The source of the problem is typically an external line that was not properly winterized. Four Seasons can winterize your external plumbing fixtures at a very affordable cost in order to prevent the hassle and cost associated with repairing a burst pipes. You could also take these steps on your own to protect your outdoor faucets and hoses from damage.

  • Shut Off Valve: The external faucets have shut off valves located inside the home. These may be found under a sink or in the garage or basement depending on where the faucet is located outside your home. Shut the valve off for the season to stop water from being fed to that spigot.
  • Drain the Line: Now that the shut off valve is off, go to the faucet outside and turn it on. Allow the water to drain out completely. This will prevent the water stuck between the shut off valve and spigot from freezing and damaging the faucet.
  • Insulate: Further protect the faucet and the pipes inside your home by insulating. Wrap your external faucets and any pipes inside that you can access. Four Seasons can help you with this task and ensure that the pipes most vulnerable to freezing are properly protected.
  • Drain and Store: If you have a hose, drain the hose of any leftover water that may be in the line and store it for the winter. Snow and ice can damage the hose and cause cracks to form. Store the hose to prevent the need for yearly replacement.

In-Ground Sprinkler System

In ground sprinkler systems are convenient, but if the system is not properly winterized the lines can freeze, develop cracks, and fail to work come spring. Unless you have the proper equipment, winterizing the sprinkler system will be difficult. Four Seasons Plumbing and Sewer will affordably winterize your sprinkler system so that it will work when the grass starts to peek through the snow come spring.

Schedule Your Winterization with Four Seasons

Winterizing your home may seem like a hassle, but Four Seasons Plumbing and Sewer can make this home maintenance task easier than you ever imagined. Simply give us a call and we will get someone out to your home when it is most convenient for you.