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Keep the Power On!

Every year, our homes endure fierce blizzards, raucous storms, and billowing winds, but the power connection, on the other hand, cannot always withstand the extremes of the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana climate. In those situations, we're left with rotting food, flooded basements, or frozen pipes — sometimes all three!

Now, Kohler and Four Seasons have partnered to deliver a more efficient, superior alternative to loud, unsightly portable generators. The Kohler Standby Home Generator installed by Four Seasons Home Services provides whisper quiet function and ample power automatically with no refueling, no headaches, and no hassle.

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Cost of a Power Outage

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When a blackout struck our home, I never expected it to last as long as it did. Nearly 24 hours later, all the food in our fridge had spoiled, and we decided to never let this happen again. After a call to Four Seasons, they were soon on their way to install a new generator for our home. They gave us very good service and the electricians were both top notch. I feel confident that now we can rest easy knowing we'll never have another blackout.

Larry J. | Broadview, IL.

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Home Generator

At a Glance:

  • Endless Power for All Devices and Systems in the Home
  • 10 Second Response Time Before Automatically Restoring Power
  • Self-Testing to Ensure It's Ready When You Need It
  • Quiet Operation
  • Connects to Your Natural Gas Line — No Gasoline Needed!
  • 5 Year Parts Warranty
Generator Inside

How Does it Work?

A standby home generator keeps your power on during an outage. It's installed outside your house and comes on automatically — whether you're home or away — all within seconds of a power outage. Plus home generators run on propane or natural gas, so there's no refueling.

The Four Phases of Your Standby Home Generator:

Phase 1 - Before The Blackout

Even while your power functions normally, your generator is ready!

  • Power Indicator
    Whether green for utility or blue for generator, the Power Indicator informs you at all times with convenient colored lights which source currently provides your power.

  • Weekly Self Test
    Every week, rain or shine, your standby generator performs a self-diagnostic test to alert you of risks, defects, or malfunctions in its systems.

  • OnCue® System
    Manage your home generator from your tablet, smartphone, or computer and receive updates, real-time power reports, and more!
Phase 2 - The Power Goes Out!

When a blackout strikes, your Kohler Standby Home Generator springs into action!

  • Automatic Transfer Switch
    There's never any need to manually activate your generator. The Automatic Transfer Switch is way ahead of you.

  • 10 Second Response
    If you're not careful, you might miss the entire blackout! Within 10 seconds, your generator will activate and restore power to your home.

  • No Refueling Needed
    Batteries not included (or necessary)! The generator hooks directly into your natural gas line to supply endless power.
Phase 3 - Your Generator Carries the Load

Throughout the duration of the blackout, your home receives an ample supply of power from your generator.

  • PowerBoost™
    PowerBoost technology gives our generators the ability to deliver power to all electrical systems simultaneously. Even those systems with large starting loads like central AC units are comfortably supplied without losing connection to other appliances.

  • Personalized Protection
    From models designed to power the essentials to those capable of supplying electricity to every appliance and gadget in the home, customize your generator to fit your unique needs.

  • Endless Power
    Commercial grade engine and connection to a steady stream of natural gas ensure that your Kohler Standby Home Generator is certain to outlast your blackout.
Phase 4 - Normal Power Returns

Once your utility provider is able to restore power to your home, your Kohler generator does not delay.

  • Automatic Transfer Switch
    With power once again flowing from your utility company, the Automatic Transfer Switch knows to immediately turn off the generator.

  • Returns to Standby Functions
    Weekly tests resume and the power indicator will display that your power supply is now generated by your utility company.

Power Your Entire Home!


Blackouts lead to sour milk, rotted veggies, spoiled meat and a lot of wasted money, but it doesn't have to! Solve the problem at the source.


Light up the night and forget about blackouts. Through thunderstorms, wind, and hail, your home will be ready.


Whether for video streaming, web browsing, or just brewing a cup of coffee, we'll keep your electronics powered up.

Heating & Air Conditioning

No one wants that winter chill or muggy summer air to invade their home, right? Keep your HVAC system up and running through power outages.

Only the Brands You Trust

Both Kohler and Four Seasons have built their reputation on excellence and customer satisfaction. When these companies work together, you can expect only the best equipment and exemplary results.

  • Manufacturer Warranty: Every generator is backed by Kohler's five year parts warranty. Rest easy knowing your generator has been manufactured to the highest standards and comes guaranteed to perform like it.

  • Ongoing Support: After installation, annual or biannual maintenance is available from the professionals who know your generator best!

  • Certified Professionals: Each electrician and plumber assigned to install your Standby Home Generator is a licensed, bonded, and insured professional with years of experience and education to prepare him for the task. We never hire subcontractors or unqualified personnel for our jobs.

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