MSZ/MUZ Heat Pump

Perfect for Hot and Cold Spots and Beyond

Key benefits of M-Series Systems:

  • Industry leading quality and reliability
  • Minimal or no ductwork means less energy is wasted 
  • Reduced heating installation time over conventional systems
  • Controllers allow for perfect temperatures in virtually any space – sunrooms, bedrooms, home offices, attics, basements and garage workshops 
  • Inverter-driven compressors automatically adjust cooling and heating capacity for consistent temperature
  • Advanced filtration dramatically improves air quality 
  • Maximum energy efficiency with higher SEER and HSPF ratings

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The Mitsubishi MSZ/MUZ Heat Pump at a Glance:

Energy Efficiency

M-Series systems utilize green technologies, and are much more efficient, so homeowners never have to sacrifice comfort over worries about high-energy costs.

  • INVERTER Technology: results in substantial energy and utility savings for homeowners 
  • Zone Control: for improved comfort and decreased energy usage 
  • SEER Ratings: as high as 26 – dramatically better than conventional systems 
  • Environmentally Friendly: R410A refrigerant with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) 
  • Recyclable: 83% of system components are recyclable 
  • Filters: washable filters made from natural material

Home Comfort
  • Put Comfort on Cruise Control: Sophisticated, electronic control systems detect any change in room or zone temperature and—like a car's cruise control—automatically adjust the speed of the outdoor unit's INVERTER-driven compressor for precise capacity and temperature control. Electronic LEVs exactly control refrigerant flow to regulate coil temperature.
  • Detect and Control Temperature Fluctuations: All M-Series systems detect room temperature fluctuations and automatically adjust performance for ultimate comfort in any room.
  • Programmable Confort: Mitsubishi Electric offers a comprehensive family of controllers that can adjust temperature, fan speed, and more.
  • Wireless Remote Controller Kit: Includes Wireless Wall-mounted Remote Controller, Wireless Receiver, and Cable. Portable Central Controller and Outside Air Sensor are optional accessories