Four Seasons Disclaimers

1. FOUR SEASONS takes pride in providing a safe work environment for its employees and customers. Please refrain from climbing ladders or scaffolding and from operation our equipment.

2. CUSTOMER SUPPLIED PARTS: It is agreed and understood that when FOUR SEASONS installs or reinstalls a customer supplied product, FOUR SEASONS is not responsible for defects in CUSTOMER supplied products. FOUR SEASONS assumes no liability nor provides warranty for parts or materials supplied by the customer.

3. FOUR SEASONS is not responsible for damage caused to pipes, sewer lines, drains or any other damage that may occur in the course of cleaning any drain or sewer line.

4. FOUR SEASONS will not perform drain line or sewer line cleaning through a roof vent

5. Any drain or sewer cleaning cable which becomes stuck in the line becomes the responsibility of the CUSTOMER for repairs and removal. FOUR SEASONS is not responsible for the damage caused by drain cable.

6. If a sewage spill becomes a Hazardous material situation, the cost and responsibility for cleanup and remediation is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER.

7. FOUR SEASONS will not perform any other kind of work not outlined in the specified work. This includes, but it not limited to carpentry, plaster/drywall, landscaping, flooring, etc., unless otherwise specified in writing, or will be quoted as additional work.

8. During the course of normal work it may be necessary to disturb lawn, plants, landscaping, pavers, sidewalks, patios, concrete, driveways, etc. FOUR SEASONS is not responsible for repairing or returning any damaged areas to their previous condition. FOUR SEASONS will backfill any opening dug into the ground; however, over time settling may occur. In such case it is the CUSTOMER’S responsibility to restore ground or grade to its previous condition.

9. CUSTOMER shall secure, remove, and protect all people, property, and its contents, including but not limited to adults, children, animals, cabinets, fixtures, flooring, walls, tiling, carpets, furniture, and vegetation during and upon completion of work, and shall hold harmless and indemnify CONTRACTOR, its employees and agents against all claims arising out of CUSTOMER’S failure to do so.

10. FOUR SEASONS shall not be liable for electrical or other damages relating to drywall, stucco, roof, carpet, tile, floor, windows, fixtures, plumbing, furniture and personal property from any defect or delay in responding to said warranty. CUSTOMER must take reasonable steps to mitigate damages.

11. If conditions and/or circumstances are encountered at the job site which are concealed physical conditions, or unknown physical conditions of an unusual nature, which differ materially from that which is visually ascertained, CUSTOMER agrees to accept responsibility for such conditions and those circumstances outside the control of FOUR SEASONS and further agrees to pay for any labor or materials, including repair to damaged equipment of FOURSEASONS cause by such conditions and/or circumstances.

12. It is the intent of this provision to make CUSTOMER responsible for all (1) unforeseen and concealed conditions, and (2) for that which CONTRACTOR cannot control. Accordingly, CUSTOMER further agrees to hold FOUR SEASONS harmless and shall indemnify and defend FOUR SEASONS and all its agents and employees from and against all claims, damages, losses and expenses, including but not limited to attorney fees, consequential damages, arising out or as a result from the performance of FOUR SEASONS work involving, affecting, or relating to such unforeseen or concealed conditions regardless of whether such damages are caused in part by FOUR SEASONS.

13. Mold or Mold Spores – FOUR SEASONS recommends that you hire a professional water damage restoration company to clean and treat an area that has water damage as a result of work performed. FOUR SEASONS is not responsible for any damage or ill health caused by mold. Customer agrees to waive all claims against FOUR SEASONS that may be related to such work.

14. FOUR SEASONS will use your buildings electric service for the powering of the equipment used to do the job.

15. CLOSET COLLAR DISCLAIMER: (1) Before beginning toilet replacement, FOUR SEASONS PLUMBING AND SEWER requires a signature from the customer stating that if the Closet Collar on the toilet needs to be replaced, FOUR SEASONS PLUMBING AND SEWER will make the customer aware of that, but will not be able to install the toilet, unit of all proper measures are taken either repairing/replacing the necessary collar. (2) Customer needs to understand that there is no visual assessment that can be made of the existing collar, without removing the toilet, in the event that the collar needs to be replaced, FOUR SEASONS PLUMBING AND SEWER will visually show customer where the issues lie, and what measures needs to be made to fix it. This will be a charge above and beyond the normal toilet install and the customer is aware that is CANNOT happen until the toilet is removed, and a new toilet CANNOT be installed until it is repaired. (3) In the event that the customer refuses to repair necessary collar, the old toilet, and the new toilet will be left with the customer. FOUR SEASONS PLUMBING AND SEWER will not install any toilet on faulty existing plumbing.

16. GAS LEAK & DETECTION DISCLAIMER: (1) FOUR SEASONS PLUMBING AND SEWER must perform a leak pressure test on the gas line system(s). (2) FOUR SEASONS PLUMBING AND SEWER will not repair any gas lines that have been marked by has provider without pressure testing the gas lines first. The gas company often foes not locate all of the leaks and so simply repairing the leaks they have marked does not ensure that there are not others. (3) The pressure test conducted by FOUR SEASONS PLUMBING AND SEWER includes checking all of the visible and exposed gas lines. The pressure test is simply a diagnostic procedure to determine the location of the leak(s). If no leaks are detected on the visible gas line, the leak(s) may be located in a wall, ceiling, or floor. In the event that the leak(s) are present in a wall, ceiling, or floor, FOUR SEASONS PLUMBING AND SEWER will provide a written proposal to open the walls, ceiling or floors, to locate the leak(s). (4) Once all leaks are exposed and located in the home, FOUR SEASONS PLUMBING AND SEWER will provide a written proposal to repair the leak(s). Pricing of the repair is not possible until the leak is exposed and located. (5) It is the responsibility of the gas company to restore gas service to the home. FOUR SEASONS PLUMBING AND SEWER has no influence over the gas company and cannot be held responsible for the response time of the gas company.

17. Please secure your pets when we are working on site. Please note that the doors to your home may be propped open during the work or unloading of equipment and materials. FOUR SEASONS will not be responsible in the event that your pet gets out of the house during performance of the work.

18. All excess materials remain the property of FOUR SEASONS. Final payment is due upon completion of work. FOUR SEASONS accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Financing is available for customers with qualifying credit.

19. Buyer’s Right To Cancel: The customer has the full right to cancel the contract within 3 business days from the date the contract was signed. Customer must notify FOUR SEASONS in writing that they elect to cancel the contract.

20. Signature below validates that you have fully read and understand the terms of this agreement.

I understand that FOUR SEASONS will have to shut off the water at the main supply to the building or at the shut off valve for the water heater to perform the contracted work. Due to the face that the water supply lines may be galvanized, iron or copper pipes and that the hot water affects the pipe with build up inside of the pipes, FOUR SEASONS cannot be held responsible or liable for any pressure loss or broken shut off valves due to these valves needing to be shut down. We will take every precaution to prevent this from happening but we cannot guarantee that there will be no water pressure loss.