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Stop bacteria and allergens in their tracks with our ultraviolet lights.
APCO UV air filter

UV-C Germicidal Lights From Four Seasons

Zap your air quality problems away! The APCO UV-C light kills viruses, mold, and bacteria for healthier indoor air.
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Over 99% Cleaner Air in 24 Hours

When allergy season hits, the first reaction of many homeowners is to close their windows. This might seem like a good idea but unfortunately, it only serves to make air quality issues worse as contaminants continue to circulate through your home. Luckily, Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning has the solution you’ve been looking for—a remarkable technology made possible through the use of UV germicidal lights. With our germicidal ultraviolet system, you can get right to the root of the problem to purify the air in your home quickly and efficiently.

High-Quality UV Germicidal Lights

In the 45 years that Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning has been around, we have fixed a lot of air quality issues, and the experience we’ve gained on each project has helped us develop new and improved techniques for helping our customers breathe easier. It did not take long for us to realize the dramatic benefits to be gained by installing UV germicidal lights in our customers’ homes, and we have been singing their praises ever since.

If you are unsure of whether this product is right for your home, you can sit down with one of our knowledgeable HVAC technicians. As your trusted air quality company, you can rest assured that we won’t recommend installing a UV-C light system in your home if it isn’t a good fit for your needs. However, these are just a few of the beneficial features of a germicidal ultraviolet light unit from Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning:

  • Ozone-free
  • Chemical-free
  • Safe for your family
  • Destroys over 99.9% of irritants
  • Works in as little as 24 hours

Benefits of APCO UV-C Germicidal Lights

  • Indoor Air Quality: There is no technology on the market more effective at eliminating biological contaminants. That is why UV-C light has been used in hospitals, laboratories, operating rooms, and water treatment plants for decades.
  • UV-C Light: This light falls just outside the field of visible light and further left on the electromagnetic spectrum than UV-A and UV-B light. It falls roughly at the wavelength of 254 nanometers, the peak of germicidal effectiveness.
  • Safe Operation: The APCO Germicidal Light is safely housed within your heating and cooling system to focus and isolate the area of effectiveness to where it can grant the most protection and pose zero threat to the homeowner whatsoever.
  • Odor Control: APCO UV-C Germicidal lights tackle strong odors in your home like food smells, dirty laundry, mold, smoking, and pet dander leaving behind only the fresh, clean scent of truly pure air.
  • Energy Efficient: The UV-C light in your cooling and heating system keeps your filter and internal components free of VOCs and other irritants resulting in a more efficient unit unburdened by clogging debris.
  • System Longevity: Because the unit is kept cleaner longer, HVAC systems with UV-C lighting have a longer average lifespan than those relying solely on carbon filters.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free: The UV-C light is self-cleaning and after installation requires almost no maintenance aside from annual or bi-annual bulb replacement.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: UV-C lights come with a standard limited lifetime warranty on all parts except the lamp.

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