Air Conditioner Independence!

By Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric - July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July! Some air conditioners, after reaching a certain age, experience repeated problems, frequent breakdowns, or add an unnecessary level of stress to your life. When is the next big repair bill going to come? This added stress is no way to spend the summer! Luckily, Four Seasons has multiple avenues to help liberate you from the anxiety of an air conditioner on the edge!

Air Conditioner Liberation!

  • The AC Clean and Check: Four Seasons offers AC Clean and Checks all summer long, in which our technicians inspect, correct, clean, and calibrate every inch of your unit. This service isn’t just for the older units, the units sputtering and struggling through the summer. The AC Clean and Check are beneficial for every air conditioner in Chicago land and Northwest Indiana because it allows a certified professional the opportunity to inspect the unit to identify any issues that may grow into larger problems down the road. Now, we have a web coupon available allowing you to receive this service for only $89.95! Just mention it to the representative when you schedule!
  • High-Efficiency Lennox Equipment: If your air conditioner is on its last legs or reaching fifteen to twenty years of age, your family is due for an upgrade in its home comfort technology. The absolute best way to liberate yourself from a troublesome air conditioner is to purchase the modern, sophisticated equipment available today from Lennox. With available SEER ratings reaching as high as 25, the energy savings along amount to a significant reduction in energy bills. When factoring in avoided repair costs, time, and hassle, it can quickly become more cost-effective to replace instead of repairing a unit that is in the process of failing. Schedule a FREE in-home estimate with one of our comfort specialists to discuss your home comfort options and future.
  • The Antique AC Contest is Back! From now until August 15, 2014 Four Seasons is accepting applications to the Antique Air Conditioner Contest! If your AC is over the hill, if it was installed back when blue suede shoes and hound dogs were king, then we want to hear about it. The oldest unit entered will be replaced for FREE with an energy-efficient contemporaryLennox model. This could be the perfect way to liberate yourself from an old, demanding air conditioner.
    • Everyone’s a winner! Even if your unit does not win. Everyone who enters will still receive exclusive money-saving offers unique to the contest. There are no risks, just rewards!

Air Conditioner Freedom

However you choose to deal with your air conditioner, the important thing is to gain the freedom to enjoy the summer as you see fit. Whether you need an air conditioner Clean and Check, a brand new Lennox AC or you would just like to take your shot at the Antique AC Contest, contact Four Seasons, and let’s get to work!

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