Sump Pump Preparation

By Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric - February 17, 2015
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This winter was recorded with the 3rd most snowfall in document history with just shy of 80 inches of snow! While most of it has come and gone, there’s still plenty of snow and ice out there that needs to thaw and melt in the coming weeks. Tack on the April showers we have come to expect, and Chicago land is poised for some serious flooding this spring season. To prevent home flooding (and the hardships it brings), it is highly recommended to have a working sump pump ready to alleviate any water buildup, but after months of ice and snow, how can we be sure the pump is still operational?

Testing Your Sump Pump

Every sump pump is equipped with a manual test procedure you can follow to determine whether or not the device is fully operational. Sump pumps are triggered when a certain amount of water accumulates in the sump pump pit where it is housed. So, to manipulate this, we are going to artificially simulate a flood by dumping a 5-gallon bucket of water into the pit. This should be enough fluid to trigger the device without actually overflowing into your basement. Once the additional water has been dumped, the sump pump should activate and drain the water in the pit back to normal levels.

Battery Backup for Sump Pumps

Fantastic! Your sump pump is working as expected! With this device in operation, your home is protected against most flooding risks. However, this system does have an Achilles Heel. A sump pump is directly connected to the home’s power supply. Thus, if this power supply were to ever become compromised, your home would be left defenseless. Unfortunately, powerful storms, blackouts, and flooding go hand in hand.

This flaw in the system is easily corrected by a battery backup available from Four Seasons. With this security device installed, you can achieve peace of mind knowing that even in a blackout, your sump pump is still in operation and ready to protect your home from a rapid thaw or thunderstorm.

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