The XP16 Heat Pump Delivers Comfort and Reliability

Enjoy money-saving energy efficiency and superior performance with this affordable unit from Lennox.
XP16 Heat Pump

XP16 Heat Pump

For homeowners looking for an affordable, reliable heat pump, the XP16 from Lennox is a smart choice. The two-stage heat pump offers high efficiency ratings for much less than other high-performance units. The system also offers reliability and quiet operation.

Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning has served the Chicago area since 1971. Our combination of top-rated products and expert installation make us a trusted choice for homeowners who need reliable performance from an ENERGY STAR® qualified system.

Two-Stage Efficiency

With a two-stage system, the XP16 can conserve energy when the weather is mild and then kick into high gear to handle extreme temperatures. This unit has many other money-saving features and offers quiet operation and other benefits as well.

Energy Efficiency

Lower your carbon footprint and save money all year long thanks to the energy-efficient features of this affordable heat pump.

  • The XP16 has a SEER rating that exceeds EPA standards for energy efficiency and is ENERGY STAR® qualified.
  • An innovative outdoor coil decreases resistance to heat transfer to provide enhanced efficiency in both summer and winter.
  • The dual-fuel option allows you to combine the XP16 heat pump with your gas furnace. The system will use whichever fuel is most efficient for the current weather conditions.

Quiet Operation

This affordable system provides the type of quiet operation you’d expect in a much higher-priced unit.

  • The Lennox XP16 produces just 74 decibels of noise—much less than many other heat pumps.
  • The direct-drive fan is perfectly balanced to perform quietly even during extreme temperatures.

Home Comfort

As the outdoor temperatures rise and fall, the XP16 will automatically make adjustments to maintain the indoor temperature you want.

  • Precise Comfort™ technology fine tunes fan speeds, airflow capacity, and other factors to keep your home comfortable no matter the weather.
  • Climate IQ Technology™ is an innovative feature that allows the heat pump to understand the climate to provide improved temperature and humidity control.
  • The variable speed inverter controlled motor keeps the perfect mix of temperature and humidity within your home.

Impressive Performance

The XP16 provides reliable, durable performance, so you can have peace of mind when you invest in this heat pump.

  • The PermaGuard™ cabinet is resistant to corrosion, so you won’t have to worry about rust shortening the life of your unit.
  • The SmartHinge™ louver design allows HVAC technicians to easily access the unit to perform cleanings and maintenance.
  • Some units create annoying puddling around the base of the unit, but the XP16 has drainage holes that direct the water away from your unit.
  • Like all Lennox heat pumps, this unit comes with an industry-leading warranty, so you can count on us long after the installation is complete.

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Recognitions & Certifications

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