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Forget about sky-high energy bills with the Lennox EL195E, a system with an efficiency of up to 95% AFUE!
EL195E High-Efficiency Gas Furnace

EL195E High-Efficiency Gas Furnace

The Lennox EL195E High-Efficiency Gas Furnace operates more efficiently than a standard single-stage furnace—providing consistent home comfort through even the coldest Chicago winters without the sky-high price tag of many other high-performance models. With its energy-saving design and durable components, you can rely on this heating system to keep your family warm for decades to come!

Lennox EL195E Specifications and Benefits

Made by Lennox, a brand long recognized for innovative and high-quality HVAC systems, the EL195E Furnace comes with a host of features for dependable use:

  • Power Saver™ constant torque motor, providing 33% greater efficiency than standard motors.
  • Energy efficiency ratings of up to 95% AFUE, saving you hundreds of dollars on energy costs per year.
  • Fully insulated cabinet and low-speed continuous circulation fan for quieter start-up and operation.
  • Dual-fuel capability (when combined with a Lennox heat pump) that alternates between gas and electricity for maximum energy savings.
  • Duralok Plus® heat exchanger and SureLight® Igniter for long-term performance without any hassle.

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At Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re passionate about helping our customers enjoy the most comfortable and cost-effective homes possible. As part of that commitment, we’re proud to offer several exclusive guarantees with every furnace we install:

  • Two-Year, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: You’ll be completely happy, or we’ll give you your money back!
  • No Subcontractor Guarantee: Your Lennox EL195E Furnace will be installed by in-house, factory-trained HVAC experts.
  • No-Lemon Guarantee: If your system’s heat exchanger fails within 25 years of installation, we’ll replace it for free.

Interested in finding out more about the Lennox EL195E High-Efficiency Gas Furnace or our industry-leading guarantees? Contact Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and see how one of our high-efficiency furnaces can save you money. We’d be happy to recommend a long-lasting furnace that will meet all of your family’s comfort and efficiency needs. Contact us today by phone or complete our convenient online form to request your free estimate!

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