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Want a high-quality furnace without the high price tag? The Lennox ML180 is economical and effective.
ml180 furnace

ML180 Gas Furnace

If you’d like a significant upgrade in terms of performance and efficiency but would rather not commit to the most expensive furnace model out there, consider the Lennox ML180 Gas Furnace. This standard-efficiency furnace offers decades of dependable use at a budget-friendly price—keeping your Chicagoland home consistently warm without the accompanying financial stress of a premium furnace installation.

Lennox ML180 Specifications and Benefits

Like all of the furnaces manufactured by Lennox, the ML180 offers a number of benefits over a conventional furnace design:

  • Cost Savings: This furnace’s AFUE rating of 80% means that 80 cents out of every dollar will go directly toward heating your home. Compared to older furnaces, this rating can result in savings of hundreds of dollars!
  • Durability: This gas furnace comes with a high-quality heat exchanger made from patented ArmorTuf™ steel for long-term reliability.
  • Dual-Fuel Capability: When combined with a Lennox heat pump, the ML180 can cycle automatically between gas and electricity, drawing on the most efficient energy source with up-to-the-minute accuracy.

If you’re looking to save on your next furnace installation, Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning has you covered. Not only do we offer the ML180 gas furnace for a competitive price, but we also promise to protect your installation for the long term. In addition to a two-year money-back guarantee, we’ll replace any heat exchanger that fails within 25 years of installation—at absolutely no cost to the homeowner! Thanks to our factory-certified staff and our long-term customer guarantees, you’re sure to get the most value out of your furnace installation.

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