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Make an eco-friendly choice for your family with the SL280NV, which produces up to 65% less NOx emissions.
sl280nv furnace

SL280NV Variable Speed Gas Furnace

Are you looking to reduce your home’s environmental impact without having to settle for less interior comfort? Then the Lennox SL280NV Variable-Speed Gas Furnace is the perfect choice for you! This premium furnace produces the lowest NOx emissions of any model on the market, allowing you to keep comfortable throughout the winter and still feel good about your home’s eco-friendly heating system.

Lennox SL280NV Specifications and Benefits

As part of the Lennox family of furnaces, the SL280NV boasts some of the highest-quality design features in the industry. With an AFUE rating of 80% and NOx emission levels up to 65% lower than standard low-NOx furnaces, this model is truly first-in-class. Beyond the reduced emissions, a few of this furnace’s state-of-the-art features include:

  • Variable-Speed Motor: By automatically adjusting to your home’s temperature and humidity levels, the variable-speed motor uses the least amount of fuel necessary for house-wide comfort.
  • iComfort® Smart Thermostat: Control your furnace with a simple touch screen and set personalized heating schedules based on your family’s daily routine.
  • SilentComfort™ Technology: You can enjoy all the energy-saving and emission-reducing power of the SL280NV without compromising on peace and quiet.
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet: Forget about flimsy cabinets that don’t protect your system’s vital components. This solid, stainless steel unit is tough and dependable.

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