See what our happy customers have to say about Four Seasons Heating and Conditioning.
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Great experience I highly recommend Girado he is efficient and great with pricing.

Jonathan G.

Delven came to our home 10-10-2022 to do regular maintenance and did an excellent job! He is professional, thorough and answered each question that my husband and I had. Thank you Delven!

Darryl W.

The team was very helpful and professional. They inspected my water tank and installed the tank the same day. This is a very good company to work with… I highly recommend Four Seasons Heating and cooling.

Sam J.

4 seasons technician Sal installed new heat/cool thermostat. Sal was courteous and knowledgeable and made the installation quickly and efficiently. 5 stars for Sal and 4 seasons.

Judith G.

I highly recommend this company, great work and took the time to explain everything to us and even cleaned up and took with!!

Melissa J.

I give the three gentlemen who spent a full day at my house a big thumb up. They worked Non-Stop till the job was completed this includes cleaning up four seasons should be proud of Francisco, Jeremy, and Oscar. Totally professional a big thank you to these great employees.

Terrence S.

Franco was excellent in his knowledge and expertise in recommending a new system for my home, thank you!

Deborah Q.

Mike Woods was wonderful 👏. He knew exactly what the problem was and how to repair it. Mike was very professional. We completely trusted him. If you are lucky enough to have Mike show up to do the job you have, you are in great hands. We Highly recommend Mike and Hardcastle heating air and plumbing.

Teresa M.

Rich came today to clean our dryer hose/vent. He was efficient, personable, and courteous, a pleasure to work with. We are proud to have been Four Seasons customers for 20 years, and grateful for all the excellent service.

Teresa G.

I had a problem with valve in back of my toilet, which I don’t have any knowledge about, and Jake from four seasons came out and explained to me. He was on time and very polite. My first impression of this young man was 100% great. Thank you four seasons for sending out a very reliable and great technician. I love great customer service 😀. Very professional.


Danny came to my home on Sep, 10, 2021 . Water was running and my water bill was high. When he walk in the door, he knew what the problem was. It was the toilet in the basement. He stated that I needed a new toilet. He made my day. He was friendly. I was so pleased and I will tell all of my friend’s about Four Seasons.

Ms. M.

His work was very excellent I will always call him and I would recommend him to my friends and family


We had torrential rainfall two days in a row. This overwhelmed my sump pump to the point where it cycled every two minutes for almost 24 hours. Pump water out, hit a blockade in the sewer line, turn around (glug, glug, glug!) and flow right back into the pit where the cycle repeats every two minutes. I called Four Seasons Plumbing at 8:00 am on the second day of this nightmare and they had the best plumber on the planet at my house within three hours! His name is Mason. He is courteous, knowledgeable patient, and very thorough. Turns out the sewer lines were clogged with tree roots so Mason gave them a good rodding all around. Thank you Mason and Four Seasons for your service. From this day forward, I will be using Four Seasons for ALL my HVAC, plumbing and electric needs!

Pamela M.

Very trustworthy & great customer service!! I would highly recommend.

Jeff W.

My experience with Yes plumbing both times I needed a plumber has been great. Did no repair until I was fully informed what it was and why it had to be done. Neat and clean. Good Job

Rose F.

Michael came out and reviewed the issues we were having with our clogged sewer line located beneath our driveway. We had earlier had another company address this issue with unsatisfactory $$ results. He checked our line and saw clogs in several places. He explained in detail what your company could do and any issues that may arise during the project and their cost. He also called MS people and had someone come out and address the issues located near the street where a storm drain construction had compromised our sewer line, whereby, they agreed to remedy that by placing a repair work order. we met John and Logan at the same time as they were going to do the work . They also asked that our work be a priority and it was granted and they started work Monday morning. John and Logan did exactly what we were told would occur explaining each step along the way. It took 2 days to complete…day 1 for prep leaving our line intact. Day 2 they installed the new line, cleaned everything, planted grass etc. We could not possibly give them a better recommendation for their professional service! ALSO C-19 PROTOCOLS WERE 100% FOLLOWED. these are priceless employees.

Jim H.

Bill came to our home and when I say he was the Greatest person ever. He explained everything that he was doing, very patient and very Professional. Our Ejector pump went out and he replaced it very fast Would definitely recommend. Thank You!

Tasha J.

Jeff did a great job installing my fan . I am really impressed with Bradbury’s service and professionalism.

Pam L.

Called Terry to come and look at issues with our toilet and shower. He came the next day and resolved all the issues. Unlike the other quotes we had Terry really knew what he was talking about. Did a great job. Thank you

Robert W.

The guys at Home Appliance are wonderful about notifying me when it’s time to clean my furnace/air conditioner. I have had their customer yearly service & they have always done a great handling any & all of my issues in a timely manner!!

Cathy R.

I had a great experience with a very nice plumber! His name was Jeff. He was very thorough and explained everything he was doing. And even gave me a couple helpful tips. Great start of my day. Will definitely call them again.

Pam J.

We had a new unit put in over Memorial Day weekend. The man didn’t Finnish until late do to a part he needed. My complaint is we never received a invoice and I want info on for the refund we can get from CoEd

Heather J.

As a regular, and continuing, customer, I know I will get great service. A recent plumbing episode comes to mind… I had installed shut-off valves under the kitchen sink in preparation for remodeling. Suddenly, water was seeping out onto the floor – ruining my newly installed laminate floor. Home Appliance came out right away, diagnosed the problem, and installed new ‘hard’ copper pipes. The previous owner had used soft copper, which corroded quickly.

Terry F.

Very nice work done by a True Plummer!

Mark K.

Very nice Work done the Correct Way!

Mark K.

As a first time customer I was a bit nervous having read rather variable reviews on Yelp. Needed to have the sump and ejector pumps replaced (17 years and getting noisy is a bad sign). I was told that someone would come by to give me an estimate / assessment. Sean turned up as scheduled. Much to my surprise he could not only estimate but do the work on the spot. He was so good that I discussed a couple of other annoying issues with him and he was able to quote for and do those as well. Very good experience.

Nigel B.

If you need any plumbing done, this is the place to go!! Britni was so helpful when we called and got someone out right away. They are honest and willing to do whatever it takes to earn your business! I will never use anyone else!

Mia K.

If you need any plumbing done, this is the place to go!! Britni was so helpful when we called and got someone out right away. They are honest and willing to do whatever it takes to earn your business! I will never use anyone else!

Mia K.

Highly recommended. Incredibly responsive and very service oriented!!!

Bill l.

We have been with four seasons for a few years . now … whether it be for regularly scheduled maintenance , checking the systems and replacing filters or the rare emergencies I know I can always count on the team at Four Seasons … to be there as promised …. they are the best

Doug W.

Kevin and Jessica are terrific! They have been very reliable and flexible with service and scheduling. Highly recommend!

Debra L.

Paul came in to our showroom at the Merchandise Mart to clean and route out our two grease traps that have not been cleaned since we opened 5 months ago. We do cooking demonstrations and events to teach others about our Dacor luxury cooking, cooling and cleaning appliances. Paul came in on time and was personable, friendly and completed the job in an hour with out a mess. He gave me helpful hints on how to help maintain the drains from getting clogged too soon. We will definitley use Four Seasons Sewer and Plumbing again and refer to other appliance kitchens at the Merchandise Mart.

Kim A.

These guys did good job when i needed new water heater.

Martin C.

I discovered my basement completely flooded. To make matters worse it was a Sunday night. Knowing Four Seasons doesn’t charge extra for nights or week ends They were my first call. When the plumber came to my house, I assumed once he ran the rod down my line it would allow my basement to drain. On this subfreezing night, the man worked outside in the dark for a couple of hours. But was unable to open my line. past 10 pm he said they would send a bigger machine the next day to open my line. On Monday another plumber showed with a bigger rodding machine and set about to open my line. It was still a very cold day but at least it was light. Again with the bigger machine the man worked outside for hours. Despite using every cutting bit he had. He was unable to open the line. frustrated as was I, he said they would send another truck the next day with a camera to see what was going on in the line. My basement was still flooded. But It was reassuring that the men from Four seasons made my problem theirs. They worked diligently in sub freezing temperatures not giving up. Totally stressed, anticipating a huge bill along with the damage from the flood. I was unable to sleep. In the early morning it dawned on me I had seen men working on the sewer in front of my house. I called the village in morning inquiring, what was done. Once they opened the village sent two men out. They stated that the sewer was “relined” and had nothing to do with my flooding. They too spent hours in the cold using various tools and instruments Going from my clean out to the street and back, yet were unable to find a blockage. The village claimed their equipment was hampered by “frost in the ground” At this point I was sure they were in my neighbors line because they were in past 75 feet and it was only 50 feet to my clean out? They shrugged their shoulders and went to lunch. The 3rd Four Season truck arrived with a camera. He stated he had seen it before where a line was sealed off during relining. He ran his instrument into my line and determined that his probe made it to the street and stopped. I called the village back and they called their relining contractor to come from IN. When the contractor arrived the denials started It was not possible that they caused my problem. Interacting with the worker his incompetence was apparent. after hours more they drilled into where my line should be opening a 1 inch hole draining my basement. They finished using a hammer and chisel to open my six inch pipe into the sewer that they had sealed off. The denial turned into apologies and reassurances of responsibility. Sadly that is not now the case. What I can confirm to anyone that has plumbing issues is that Four Seasons is who you need to call. for their professionalism, determination and compassion. They went over and above any expectation of service I could have had.

Brian F.

Jeff with the sump pump division came on a Sunday, quickly reviewed everything and gave me great peace of mind. He explained things well and was very nice. All of my business will be going to Four Seasons. Strong work, Jeff!

Lindsey M.

Had an issue with rodding my sewer line and David Guzman came out to talk about resolving the problem. After explaining the problem to him everything was resolved to my complete satisfaction. Great customer service !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Felton C.

I had Four Seasons help me with some issues. The service technician was very friendly, professional, and helped educate us with the problem. I was very impressed with what they did for us and would recommend them to everyone!

Tony M.

With storms in the forecast I didnt want to risk a flooded basement. Call Four Seasons and they were able to come out and replace my old sump pump the same day. The plumber was respectful and ran several tests to make sure it worked properly before leaving.

Melody L.

I had a very good experience with Four Seasons Plumbing. I have a sump pump that sends waste water from the basement sink and clothes washer to the sewer. The sump pump broke. The plumber who came, worked quickly and replaced the pump with a new one. Thank You. I also should tell you that a few months before, the sump pump for the rainwater sump failed. Again, Four Seasons sent a good plumber to replace that sump pump. I am happy with their service and would recommend them to everyone. My brother is a customer of Four Seasons, so I had a good recommendation from him. Thank You Four Seasons for being so professional and dependable.

Jim P.

Multiple times have we worked with Four Seasons to help us for both plumbing and electrical work. They respond promptly providing excellent service every time! Put your trust in FSHS to deliver what you need in a timely and friendly manner. Thanks Four Seasons!

David L.

Four Seasons has done work on numerous occasions at my house over the last 7 years. I’ve had them doing plumbing, air conditioning, and heating for me. The staff is extremely responsive and friendly. It is clear that they are well organized company and they know what they are doing. I’ve never had any issues with the work they have completed. Also, I had an inspector come out a few times after major jobs and the one time he said when Four Seasons does the work it is always done well and he never has problems with their work. I’ve always been impressed, but to impress an inspector speaks to the quality they deliver! Great job Four Seasons!

Jeremy B.

A job well done!


I have an older house that always presents challenges when having to make repairs or improvements. Tim was great at explaining what we needed, what we didn’t, and his work was amazing. Had an external faucet replaced with a shutoff valve added and a new gas line run in the house to convert our fireplace. Work looks great. Price was great.

Geoff G.

Great experience, great service especially over a weekend where the price was no different than if it was a weekday. Been using them for years with no disappointments.

Vincent K.

all around was done right and quickly

John H.

My last HVAC man rarely kept an appt. 4 Seasons is very punctual and dependable. The people who answer the phone are very nice. I have had my furnace and air conditioning maintenance and was very happy with their workmanship. Had some plumbing work done also. Thought the price was a little high. I will use 4 Seasons again.

Judy R.

I have used the professional services of Four Seasons for furnace, air conditioner, plumbing and electrical and highly recommend all their services. Always professional, polite, friendly and knowledgeable service technicians. Plus, Four Seasons is bonded, insured and licensed plus a reliable and trustworthy company.

Karen L.

I can only said that I have used this company for many years on my cooling for heating but never on plumbing until my sewer broke. It was January. They came scoped the problem gave me the cost and did the work that day. The reason my sewer broke is I had used another company and their replacement is what was broken. Four Seasons fixed my sewer and did a great job. I would call them for any of my problems………They are great to work with. Jon , happy customer!

Jon D.

Technician was on time and very professional. He was friendly and informative. Helped us and our situation. I highly recommend.

Lilly O.

I’ve used Four Seasons several times over the years for a variety of services and am completely satisfied with the work that was done. The workers were on time, polite and efficient. I would highly recommend Four Seasons.


We had them out last month go replace our hot water tank. Chose Four Seasons because if the warranty and they also did our neighbors furnace. The plumbers were polite and were done in a few hours. Cleaned up after the job like nothing ever happened. Will definitely use them again.

Dina L.

We recently had Four Seasons complete rough and final plumbing for our basement bathroom. While they were here they took care of a few other maintenance issues and answered a few other questions in other areas of the house with great patience. There was a little hiccup, on behalf of the plumbing fixture supplier, for our shower and Four Seasons really put in the extra time and effort until everything was resolved to our satisfaction. I really felt what was important to us, was important to them!

Erin V.

I have used Four Seasons a couple different times and I have been very happy with them. Once for a furnace issue and recently for a new hot water heater. The customer service was great and when they came to my house for the repairs they were very respectful and polite. They showed up when they said they would which is awesome! They took care of my problem and were gone in no time. I highly recommend Four Seasons !!

Dan S.

My husband and I recently did a remodel for a bathroom. The service guys who came out to do the rough in were very helpful in laying out the design and installation. They were extremely polite and professional. My Mother-in-law just recently had her water heater go out also, she was extremely satisfied with how prompt they were and how nice the man who installed the new water heater was…. especially since she talked to him And kept him company the whole time lol

Wendi H.

Our hot water heater went out, and wow, you really take having hot water for granted until you DON’T HAVE IT! One of our neighbors had recently used Four Seasons to do some plumbing work, and they highly recommended them to us. We called Four Seasons and they went above and beyond in my opinion. We had a new hot water heater installed a couple hours later that day! The plumbers were very fast and professional. These guys are my go to plumbers from now on.

Jim B.

I was remodeling my basement, and the plumbing pipes would interfere with the ceiling I was putting in. Four Seasons came and move the pipes and and the plumbing works and looks better then it did originally. Great service at a great price.

Scott K.

I live in an older home so over the last year and a half I have had to have my water heater replaced, two toilets replaced. As if that wasn’t enough plumbing problems, my sump pump burned out during a three inch rain storm. The sump was a real emergency and I had a new pump in the hole within an hour. All these jobs were done professionally and left the job site clean and neat. A would highly recommend Four Seasons Plunbing.

James B.

Our water heater started leaking one night, I called in at around 8PM and a very polite and professional person answered the phone and talked me through the process. They asked me if I wanted someone out that same night but I told them that the morning would work well. A man named Chris came out at 9AM and he was extremely kind, professional and you could see that he took pride in his work. Within a couple hours I had a brand new water heater, copper piping and he cleaned up beautifully after himself. Couldn’t be happier with the way the situation was handled. Would highly recommend Four Seasons!

Andrew E.

I have used Four Seasons Plumbing for several jobs at my home; including rodding clogged drains, water heater replacement and sump pump replacement. Each time I have needed to call them, their response time has been lightning fast! They get a tech to your house as soon as possible and their techs are nothing but professional. They take extra care to not upset your home in any way. Their work is performed fast and clean. You don’t even know they were there when they are finished, just the way it should be. I would recommend Four Seasons for any plumbing issues you may have!

Harold C.

I have used FS Plumbing many times on repairs and rough-in remodels, I own a construction company myself and they have the right recipe, great service and fair pricing. I have no problem giving them a good review

Mike V.

I can always depend on Four Seasons Home Services for rapid response, professionalism and fair pricing.


I had my water heater go out late in the evening, called Four Seasons from the Office staff to the plumber everyone was polite and professional. Very timely. The quality of work was outstanding! Thank you Four Seasons!

Eric B.

I had a pipe leak at a condo in Chicago and four seasons was able to get there within an hour to take care of the issue. They had great customer service at a fair price.

Nick Y.

My husband and I have relied on the fast and good service from Four Seasons for a few years now. We hope to continue being loyal customers for many years to come.

Veronica A.

I had an issue with are toilet and the came out same day and solved our problem. The plumber was pleasant and thorough. He took all garbage with and cleaned everything nicely. I would definitely refer them

D. M.

I had an ejector pump go out, and Four Seasons was the first to respond to my calls that evening. They got someone out the next morning. Technician knew exactly what to do and was very professional. Great job all around!

Leon M.

Excellent response to my call. Had service in my home within hours of my call. The plumbing work was very good and the serviceman was polite and efficient.

Sandy P.

I had a clogged kitchen sink which needed to be routed. Omar arrived at the scheduled time. He assessed the situation, communicated the problem and told me exactly what needed to be done and how much it cost. He protected all of our surfaces while working in our house. He was polite, courteous and extremely professional. When he found another problem with our sink, he told me exactly what needed to be done and how much additional would needed to be charged in order to repair the problem. In doing so, he undoubtedly saved us from additional problems and expense down the line. He completed the work, cleaned everything up and wrote detailed descriptions of what was done. It is not everyday that you have service people in your home who show courtesy and professionalism as they work in your home. Omar was one of the most courteous and professional people I have ever had work in my home. I was extremely pleased with the work done, and I would highly recommend Four Seasons Plumbing to anyone in need of plumbing services.

Janet B.

Had a slow drip with the outside faucet. Called FS, they came out in 35 minutes and determined nothing was wrong, I didn’t shut the valve off. The service person showed me how to maintain the valve during the fall and spring seasons. There was no charge. The previous plumber visit was exceptional also. Very professional, found the problem and fixed it quickly at a reasonable cost. FS installed my new heating and AC furnace two years ago. No complaints. FS is my go to company.

Adams F.

I needed a plumber fast because my basement pipe had frozen. Four Seasons sent out a plumber within an hour of me requesting them at 2 AM! They had excellent customer service and did a great job!

Frank T.

The Installer’s were Stephen Ges and Fransico Salagado. They were MAGNIFICENT. They performed above and beyond expectations. Your Company should be very proud to have these great people working for you. A big thank you to Garold Allen for coordinating the Project.

Thomas K.

From the salesman, Cary, through the installation, everything went exyremely well. Cary recommended a slightly larger system than I had and now the whole house cools including the basement. I am pretty much immobile right now so the techs showed me photos of everything they installed as well as patiently explaining everything and how to run it. They also left things tidy’d up Installed in June and very happy.


My experience was great, because Benard and Maurice both was great while installing my furnace and air conditioning. They both was very knowledgeable and explained what process was taken during the install.

Lillian E.

Tony was exceptional in responding to our A/C needs. He was friendly, pleasant and just very positive. We need more people like Tony who take pride in their service!

Terry A.

Justin Ray was quick and efficient as always. Great job.

George G.

Mira,the techician came out to check furnace hook up to our air conditioner. He was very professional and didn’t give up .There were many wires that he had to sort thru in order to get the right connection so that the furnace and air conditioner were in sync. He was very polite,and solved the problem > I would give him 4 stars!!

Joseph U.

Shawn Washington was an excellent technician. He was knowledgeable, professional ,friendly and helpful!!!

Renee B.

Excellent. The tech arrived on time, explained the who, what, where, why, & how. Suggested duct cleaning( not done in some time). Five stars.

Ann T.

Carl (The Tec for four seasons ) was courteous, kind, knowledgeable about the job. So he went strait to work completed the maintenance check, with checks and was done. I liked him.

Isaac P.

Great job very professional I would recommend this com to everyone very pleased

Jose R.

Requested quote on replacement Central AC system. Quote on equipment, installation and warranties Excellent. Juan, the installer, was courteous, professional and meticulous (5 stars).

Judith G.

I had my A/C Annual Maintenance Check by Tech Mauro. Mauro was very pleasant and courteous to talk to. He explained what he was doing as he was checking and maintenancing the A/C and also gave a few tips. I recommend Four Seasons for service.

Lillian Y.

I purchased a furnace and air conditioner from Four Seasons thru Home Depot and the process was definitely to my liking and the installation was an very Awesome experience…Dave and Chris was very knowledgeable and professional throughout the installation process they answered every question that I had to my satisfaction and explained how to work and maintain my new systems.. I personally will recommend Four Seasons.It was a 5 star experience !!!

Reginald B.

In December our water heater stopped functioning for our apartment. We called another company ABC plumbing and they said there were several things wrong like copper wiring and other issues. They charged us over $1000 for the repair. The water heater stopped working again in March. ABC aid their work was warrantied so we called them, but the said there was an issue with a valve that would cost $800 or we should consider replacing the unit (4 years old) for $2000+. We called Stoker and the came out, found it clogged with dust, charged us $180 for the service call. Appreciate their professionalism and their honesty!!

Brian J.

Four Seasons did a great job and were super quick on installation dates. I highly recommend them and plan to use them in the future.

Mary P.

A couple weeks ago I wrote a not so favorable review regarding the service person answering the call did not take the step to repair the problem. An extremely nice and professional person called me the very next day to resolve the issue.

Andrea R.

The entire experience was great. My furnace went out on a Thursday and by Friday 4 Seasons had replaced it with a brand new one. The owner and technicians were very professional and courteous. They cleaned up the job site after they were completed too! I would highly recommend for your AC/Heating needs!

Caylor K.

I gand am amazing experience with Four Seasons. The company is prompt, professional and knowledgeable. The tech was able to identify the problem and had my heater up and running within an hour. Will definitely be returning if I have heater problems again.

Joshua G.

Best technician ever!! Andrew is very courteous and friendly and made sure the unit was running perfectly before leaving. He took his time and answered any question we had.. would recommend this company over and over!!

Joan F.

These people fixed my issue immediately. As a young, single mom AND a new homeowner, I had no idea where to start or what to do when my house wasn’t heating up like it should. They made it incredibly easy and most importantly affordable for me to get my problem resolved. Will ALWAYS recommend them and call them first! Had my attic insulated, my furnace cleaned & duct cleaning all in the same afternoon.

Heather M.

Erick and Ryan were prompt, professional, thorough and answered all our questions.

Paula R.

Fireplace inspection has never been easier. It so happens after inspection that we did not need a cleaning. You can trust an honest appraisal! That’s hard to find lately. Truly appreciate the quick, friendly and professional visit. We will be calling next Fall for sure.

Kathleen J.

Julian L. Visit is a 5 . Very fine man , did fine job!

John S.

The agent was very very knowledgeable about cleaning!!! Very Professional explained everything to me so I could understand.He was very respectful and I appreciate his kindness and service. Thank you for sending such wonderful!! Professionally service agent. God Bless You and your family!! Happy Holidays!!!

Linda C.

Ryan was very through checking my furnace, cleaning my humidifier and found a gas leak I had, as well. Very friendly and professional. I would recommend TemperaturePro!

T. L.

I just had the best tech service my apartment complex, He was professional and pleasant…. He had a big job to do, but did it with a smile and his work was exceptional! ….. Give this man a raise he deserves it!!!!! Thanks Omar

Jennifer O.

My wife and I wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the quality of the furnace installation we received this week. The two technicians, Jaime and Jesus, worked well as a team in what was a difficult installation because of its’ location (the attic above our 2nd floor) Hard working and thorough don’t begin to cover it, they did a truly outstanding job, and we are grateful.

George L.

The tech was polite and friendly business like and went straight to work answered my questions and concerns . Thank you customer I.L.Palmer


Jose the plumber and his apprentice Romero were great! They were professional, honest and explained the job as they went along. Jose the plumber was kind enough to put my mom and I at ease throughout the entire process. Luis, who came out on the initial call, was awesome as well. Totally pleased and thankful for such a good experience. Excellent work gentlemen! Thank you!!

Lupe L.

Great service explained the ecobee thermostat. New furnaces is quiet the crew showed up when promised cleaned up after they were done finished when promised I would recommend this company to my friends and neighbors

Ron S.

I religiously and annually receive a tune-up for heating of my furnace before the winter season , I cover and protect my furnace from the unexpected and for ever rhyme or reason, just like today’s booked tune-up that ended with a good service tech ‘s skills and know how performing an up to date tune up of my furnace. Now I Can Say, Let The Winter Games Begin.

Roberta T.

My new Lennox SV80 Two Stage Variable 80% Efficient Furnace and iComfort Thermostat are working well. The Technicians were very professional, installed the new furnace and upgraded thermostat and cleaned up after themselvez thoroughly. The iComfort Thermostat is easy to use and is controllable from my Android smartphone.

Glen C.

Modern delivered great service again. They are honest and dependable. Completed AC/furnace replacement and all new ductwork today. Well done!

Steve P.

Technician performed fall furnace inspection and tune up. Tech was courteous, extremely knowledgeable and honest. 5 stars for Technician and Four Seasons.

Judith G.

Ricardo, has to be the most knowledgeable tech, in your company!! Professional, polite & puts 150% into his work. Explained all the options to me of a new furnace, now all I have to do is make my decision.

Rita A.

We had Four Seasons perform a maintenance check-up on our furnace, and I was totally impressed and amazed. The tech was John Johnson, and he was conscientious, thorough, and explained everything he was doing as he proceeded to check our furnace. He told me if we had any questions not to hesitate to ask. He checked all the wiring to be sure it was installed correctly (not installed by Four Seasons), and answered all of my questions politely and respectfully. He checked things other tech’s never did. He was very respectful, polite and considerate. Before he left, he asked if he answered all of my questions, and I told him he answered questions I hadn’t even asked. I have never had such a conscientious and personable tech, who invited questions and gave an explanation of the process. I think Mr. Johnson should be commended for the excellent service he provides, and for being a definite asset to Four Seasons.

Karen R.

My technician was Andrew,an awesome young man an efficient plumber!Knowledgeable,easy to talk to and explaintive!!Even got my son thinking bout being a plumber!!!

Joseph J.

Irving Sanchez & Javier Aguirre came out the other day to remove an old AC unit from my attic. They were not aware they would have to dis-assemble in order to get it to fit down the small opening of the Attic. With limited tools for the job, they successfully removed it in pieces to get it out of the Attic before new insulation was to be installed. Great job! and Great Company!

Tammie C.

Eric Jazdowski from Four Seasons recently came out to do a tune up on my A/C unit. He was so knowledgeable and helpful and went beyond the call of duty – explaining things to me & suggesting preventive measures, etc. I will definitely request him again and I can’t say enough good things about this Company – been a loyal customer for 3-4 years now.

Tammie C.

Several week ago I wrote a review regarding pricing on my new air condition unit that I wasn’t happy with the cost . After that I did final hear from four season and they did come up with a resolution to answering my concerns . Today, they did honor their agreement to waver $710 from my former bill. A positive resolution.

Lavon T.

Our air conditioner broke and Justin came to give us an estimate. He gave us a really good price and did everything he could so that we had it installed pretty fast. He also told us that we needed a bigger unit compared with what we had and that will help us save money on the electric bill. He was really professional and helpful. He was right, our electric bill this summer was much lower compared with the previous years. If you need help with air conditioner or heating Justin is your guy.

Lucia D.

Your technician Adam was great , on time , very professional, explained what he had done. Excellent customer service!!!

Henry J.

Justin and Gunner went above and beyond to do the job right. They were professional, polite, and courteous. I would highly recommend MRS. Thanks again.

David T.

Called Four Seasons for an estimate after another AC service quoted for a major repair. Four Seasons offered a free second opinion. On the visit, Chris from Four Seasons went up to the attic and said nothing major appeared out of order, and still offered to do a minor adjustment free of charge. I often have experienced high pressure sales tactics. This was a pleasant surprise. What fantastic service! He did say there is a chance I may need a repair in the future, and promised to email me an estimate if needed but it seems to be working fine now. This is how you build good customer trust. I’ll definitely call in the future if I need AC service.

Sujat J.

My experience with Four Seasons was enjoyable. My specialist, Walter explained everything to me about the installation and how to take care of my A/C unit. The installers came on time and worked well together. My home is so cool and comfortable now, Financing with Four Seasons was affordable and easy on my budget. I call Four Seasons when I need efficient, reliable and affordable electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning services. I can trust them to do their best!

Carol H.

I am so impressed with four seasons heating and cooling. As soon as they walked in the door they went to work to access what the problem was. Robert and Nicholas were able to diagnose and fix my AC issue that two other companies were unable to. Robert explained everything to me so it made sense. They were honest and up front about pricing and explained what my best options were. It was refreshing to work with people with common sense and simple solutions. I highly recommend Four Seasons.

Denise H.

Jason L was our service tech today 8/18/21 we couldnt ask for a better tech as he explained the work needed to solve our issue.Thanks again Jason

Jackie L.

This was my first time using four seasons to do a check up and cleaning. Because of the pandemic last year I didn’t have my furnace done, so Jared did both today. He did a great job, was courteous, respectful, knowledgeable, and efficient. I’ll look forward to having four seasons back next spring for my regular air conditioner checkup.

Ed S.

Connor was very helpful , he worked in a timely manner. Explained what he needed to. Connor was very neat and cleaned up after himself.

Doris M.

Josh was here today, to rescue us from unbearable heat and worse humidity in our home. I watched the entire effort. His talents are top notch

Michael P.

Sixto came to our house for work on the plumbing of our AC/Furnace/Dehumidifier. Turns out he worked his tail off for a lot longer than expected. His work and work ethic were phenomenal. And we’re really appreciative of his effort.

Michael P.

I had an issue on July 21, 2021 about miscommunications between dispatch and technician service. If it wasn’t for Frank Thorne who called us back to check on my complaint ,problem would not be resolved. I commend Frank and Priscilla for going above and beyond for their clients to resolved the issue.

Mary K.

I cant say enough about our tech Sixto whose training with space packs is impressive.His troubleshooting and pay attention to detail is by far the best we have had. Sixto is a asset to your company!!!!!!

Susan T.

Excellent service, very knowledgeable and most helpful…we are most grateful for his service and his kindness.

Mona A.

They installed my a/c in 2018 we have a service contract with another company . On July 21, 2021 the service tech found a leak in the Freon. We called four seasons , was told by four seasons customer service (Matt) no worries everything is covered under warranty including Freon. They came and fix my a/c and was charged over $600.00 and no one can help me with the customer service. I’m frustrated cause you ad a company are milking your clients. I would not recommend this company. My husband called 3 times and they said someone would call us and no one did. I am a very unhappy client of yours.

Mary K.

It was a professional job well done. Needed a new unit and my system was 30yrs old. And they did a great job. If my furnace go’s out expect a call. Thank you for your help nice and cold here at home

Kathleen B.

Dominic did an outstanding job. Very knowledgeable and conscientious. Would highly recommend him. Made sure everything worked properly including registration and app installation.

Michael M.

Honest, and Knowledgeable! Always on time and doing great work!!! I feel I can depend on these professionals!!!

Joan R.

Josh came out promptly on the 4th of July and fixed my AC unit. Josh was polite and a great help!

Mitch C.

Four Seasons was nothing but exceptional from beginning to end. I ended up needing to completely replace both of my AC units. Julio and Willfredo were the technicians that arrived for the job. They were both very professional and respectful (the job took about 9 hours so we were together all day! lol) It was also around 91 and very humid that day and they just kept on working. They were wonderful and represented Four Seasons very well!

Katherine B.

I just have to rave about the wonderful customer service i had on getting my A/C cleaned and checked. I had the technitian Nick Witlan. He was wonderful. He was very curtious and thougtful. Very pleasant young man. He did a thorough and great job on my A/C unit. It is running great! I have been a customer of four seasons for years, but Nick went above and beyond. Thanks for hiring such a nice and hard working young man!

Doreen M.

I. Had an air conditioning unit put 5 years ago and they won’t do the final cleaning because I bought it in late April and now it is June 2 nd The second year I had the unit they had to come out 13 times because they couldn’t get it to work. Horrible company to deal with. They wanted to charge me 660 dollars for a 46 dollar part that takes 3 minutes to install and not covered by warranty after 2 years. really

Juergen F.

Gary was very professional, well-mannered, and hard-working. With employees like him, your company will always be the first we recommend to friends and family! Thank you.

Sandra B.

Yearound was the only company in the Chicagoland area that was interested in fixing, rather than replacing, my very expensive Friedrich 21,000 BTU air conditioner. Yearound’s price to fix my AC was very reasonable. Their service is on time and responsive. I will be continuing to use Yearound’s annual cleaning service to maintain my AC. I am so glad I found them!

Jeannette H.

Meliyah McClendon was a pleasant person to speak with today!!!! She explained coupons also service and maintenance. What a great call!!!

Errol R.

The tech was thorough, pleasant and professional. In the end little had to be done but that is just as well. I have been satisfied with fshc work every time.

Paul P.

Been dealing w/ Air Dynamics for about the last four years for furnace, A/C tuneups and duct cleaning. Individually great people! From Kathy, Tony, Joe and Dan. Collectively a great customer experience. Would definitely recommend to those searching.

Darrin B.

Today 5/12/2021 our air conditioner unit Was serviced by Joshua Hebna ; his work ethic Was so professional & his personal approach Was someone your company would be lucky To have 50 like him !!! He answered all questions Without hesitation& made my wife & I very Comfortable!! If these reviews are important Please “ Someone take the time”, to let this young man know , how well he represented Four Seasons company Most Respectfully , Robert & Chris Doherty 10006 S Major Ave Oak Lawn, IL 60453

Robert D.

We met with Franco our sales rep on friday to get an estimate on a new air conditioner. Right from the start he was very friendly and knowledgeable. He came to our house at the time he said he would. He was very professional and not pushy at all. We were able to schedule our installation of our new air conditioner for the very next day. Pete and Isaiah were our technicians and again, they were both very professional, knowledgeable, friendly. They showed up on time, they wore their masks, they covered our floors with drop clothes, they cleaned up after themselves. They all did a great job!! We were very impressed!!! They all worked very hard and answered all of our questions. We would highly recommend Four Seasons to anyone!! Thank you all for your great work and professionalism!!! It is hard to find such quality work these days. You should be proud of what you do!!

Barbara K.

Previously wrote a lengthy review that was not favorable for good reasons. Specifically the wrong coil was put in original work order which caused what should have been a 2-3 hour job into 10 on a Saturday. However after numerous conversations with customer service (Frank) during and after I was assured that to no fault at all of the installers who were professional and very competent throughout that administration was looking further into this significant failure on the part of the sales person and supervisor. I was reassured that the issue was sent up to an executive level of management. In addition although I was looking not for compensation but only for accountability I am now satisfied with the end result.

Jeannine C.

They were very good on time excellent work very freindly i rate them a 10 i would definetly recommend them i will be using Four Seasons again

Kevin M.

Adam Cotton was very thorough in cleaning our furnace and our air conditioner. He was very friendly and very professional. He replaced a capacitor in the air conditioner and explained the status of our current furnace. He offered three possible solutions with prices that the home office was able to discount. He explained the differences and positives of each model. He was an excellent rep for his company.

Jeanne W.

I was very pleased with the service Michael provided. He was very courteous, respectful and explained everything well. He and Tristan fixed the problem and I am happy with the outcome!

Juanita R.

Very happy with the work our technician Angel did for us. He checked the furnace and very thoroughly cleaned the a/c unit outside. He explained what he did and we were very satisfied with his work. We were so impressed we even scheduled duct and dryer vent cleaning for tomorrow. Thank you, Four Seasons!

Carlos V.

Technician arrived on time; was very efficient at checking both of our AC units. He was polite. No surprises, which is the best kind of check up.

Karen C.

Had Khalil come out for repairs on my furnace , never have I experienced such a polite and professional repair man. Having service people like this makes your company shine above all the rest…will continue not only to use Four Seasons but will continue telling friends and family to use your company.

Ron R.

We used the vent cleaning and results were everything we expected and more.

John H.

They did a phenomenal job with replacing our AC! They had come by in the morning to measure everything for the right parts and were scheduled to come back a few days later for install. They had a free opening and came back to install a couple of hours later! Very professional and proactive- as well as very sweet people!

Sierra S.

This company did an awesome job cleaning my vents I’m very satisfied with the job!

Susy N.

So, yesterday I had a slight flooding issue with the rain. Apparently there was a complete blockage of roots in our sewer line in front of our house heading to the main city line. This caused the rain from our gutters (that drain directly into the sewer) to back up and up-flow through the basement floor drains. Thank God I had a water pump and a woman that resembles the “we can do it” girl, lol. She was amazing. Anyhow. We just had our sewer roto rooted a few weeks prior. I think it broke some stuff loose and ended up causing a complete blockage last night. That job ended up costing $325. Turns out through Google search, 4 seasons not only has heating and air, apparently they also have plumbers, I never really paid attention. So I called them and they came out the same day and did a temporary rooting that cost $199.. Wayyy cheaper than the other guy. He told us that it only clears a path of about 2-3 inches out of the 6in pipe. If we want a complete fix of the 6in pipe we should get it jetted (water pressure rooted). So they came out the next day (today) and showed me a video of the roots that blocked about 90% of the sewer pipe. We had a pumping also scheduled to pump out the grease trap in our back yard sewer, but when Mike popped the sewer cap, he told us we didn’t need the pump and only the jetting. That saved us about $500. I don’t know about you, but I’m my experience, a lot of contractors tend to up charge rather than saving us money. Normally I don’t post recommendations, but crap, $500 is $500. He could have easily pumped it out and charged us, I didn’t know any better. I just don’t want my place flooding. But after everything, he informed us, showed us what to look for, took care of our poor draining of our tub, everything on point. Highly recommend. They have a customer for life. 100% THANK YOU Mike at Four seasons.

Jeffrey J.

Great professional job was done at my house.operation crew was decent, efficient, on time aND courteous.

Amarjit S.

I posted that I was disappointed with service. Four Seasons contacted me immediately to hear my concerns and rectified the situation. Turns out they are a superior company who provides quality service. Thank you Four Seasons for making me matter.

Anita C.

The technician came out today and was prompt, knowledgeable and fast. Would highly recommend them.

Allison M.

I was so happy with Adam, an experienced technician. He did all the standard testing and cleaning of my new furnace and answered all my questions! It is so important that the technician knows what they are to do and explains if asked a question. Have used this company at my rental home and will continue to use them at my new home!!!

Kathleen C.

My appointment was scheduled for between 11a-1pm. I got a call at 7:35a from the technician stating he was 10 mins out. I was very pleasantly surprised that he came before my scheduled appointment because I had lots of errands planned. The work was completed in 30 minutes. It was very convenient.

Octavia S.

Four Seasons technician Alan came out on 10/2/20 to service the furnace and install new Nest Thermostat. He was knowledgeable and completed the job satisfactorily. He informed how the Nest works. He left after cleaning up the job site. Very happy with Four Seasons.

Swarna P.

I called Four Seasons to look at my furnace they came out same day. In about an hour Bruce diagnosed the issue fixed it saving me thousands of dollars. Bruce was my technician. Very smart guy. If you don’t currently use Four Seasons call them first.

Chris B.

On 09/29/20, we received excellent service from our technician Chuck Dean. He was professional, on time and informative. Good job Four Seasons!


We scheduled our appointment for an estimate on a Furnace/ AC combo. Wes Maka came and was very helpful in explaining everything we would need and the choices that we could decide from. He sent prompt estimates to our email and a video for us to watch on the air purifying system. Also explanations for us to print on both systems for us to look over. Nick was very helpful and informative with our financing. He got us set up for our systems to be installed in a matter of days. Paul and Danny were our installers! These two professionals were prompt, ready to go, very courteous and worked for 10 hours to get our Lennox Furnace and A/C with our Air Purifying system up and running perfectly! They walked us through each system and how they function. Explained our new Programmable Thermostat and made sure we had our Instruction manuals on all systems. We are highly impressed with 4 Sessons and thrilled with the jobs that Wes, Nick and especially Paul and Danny did for us! Thank you one and all Al and Theresa Gerzen of Crestwood

Al G.

Team Four Seasons installed our Lennox HVAC system in 2005 and has maintained it since. This year the technician named Mark S. completed our tune-up. He was professional, personable and capable. He worked proficiently and it was obvious he enjoyed his job. During his thorough inspection, he discovered a weak run capacitor and replaced it. Thank you Mark for your quality service. We are confident our furnace is ready for the task ahead.

Gary B.

I have used only 4 Seasons to service our furnace and air conditioner since they installed the units. They have never disappointed me. Technicians call the day of service to confirm the appointment time. Staff is always very polite and goes over their findings when leaving. They wear shoe coverings when working in the house and clean up all work areas. They do excellent work at a fair price.

John S.

Our technician was very friendly! He explained everything that was wrong and got the job done in a timely manner! There work was awesome and I would recommend them to anyone!

Morgan H.

Great! Technician was knowledgeable and friendly

Cherie G.

Our technician Dominic was amazing from start to finish. He fixed the issue we had and went above and beyond to make sure everything was running 100%. His work ethic is unmatched and we are extremely happy . We will be requesting for Dominic to come out EVERY time we need an issue fixed or just a checkup. Thank You

Jorge G.

I had my A/C serviced on 8/5/20. During the visit I mentioned to the technical that the foundation of outdoor unit was settling at a sharp angle and asked if he could look at it and possibly fix it. I didn’t know the extent of the repair. He said that this would need a separate visit. He submitted a request for an estimate. I spoke with a service rep at the office later that day who estimated a $1300 job involving adding new stones, additional coolant and labor. It sounded very high to me. The next day, Adam Johnson, contacted me saying he has been assigned this job. He asked if he could come by to check out the issue. He was AWESOME! He immediately identified the issue and asked if I had 2 bricks and a shovel. It took him 20 minutes to carefully hoisted the unit and place the bricks under it. DONE! He measured the coolant and determined none was needed. We called a supervisor and we agreed on a MUCH lower price for the visit. I can’t thank Adam enough for his honesty and great service.

Jennifer M.

I recently had an electrical issue, with respect to my air conditioning unit. Four Seasons determined that I needed to add a hard start kit to fix the problem. However, the cost to me would have been almost $600.00. I felt that the kit should have been apart of the initial Installation of my unit. Four Seasons took my concerns under consideration, and agreed with me. Today the service technician came out and gave my unit a thorough inspection, and installed the hard start kit, at no charge to me! It meant so much to me that Four Seasons listened to me, and took my concerns seriously, and ultimately agreed with me! They are a stand up company, and will forever have my respect! I like that they put this customers first! Also, shouts out to Jason for his professionalism, and for taking the time to explain everything to me!

Debra H.

On Sunday an associate with Four Season HVAC came to fix my Air Conditioner he arrived on time quickly found the problem was that accidentally the unit was Turned off . He looked over the unit for any other possible issues. He also checked Freon level and change filter.

Nancy G.

I was very please with my technician, he was on time, he wore a mask and put covers on his shoes. He tuned up my air conditioner, furnace and cleaned my hot water tank. Thank you for great service!

Sylvia B.

Kyle came out and examined my situation, gave me a solution and a quote. Kyle was very professional and honest. Thank you 4 Seasons and Kyle for you expertise in solving my plumbing problem. Everything is running smoothly and I took you advice about the hair problem.

Nathaniel S.

Tech was friendly and polite. Very knowledgeable and addressed a concern I had on the unit inside. Fixed it in no time. Was very conscientious and neat. Did a great job, see ya next year!!


Our 6 year old upstairs A/C unit started blowing hot air (during 88-90 degree weather) and Four Seasons was able to come out the very next day. They sent Robert, he called on his way, was right on time, super polite, wore a mask the whole time, diagnosed the problem right away, explained everything, replaced the part that was still under the 10 yr warranty for labor cost only, checked out the rest of the system as well as our older system downstairs and reported all was functioning perfect. Fast, honest, reasonable, polite, reliable, can’t say enough good things, we will definitely be purchasing a maintenance agreement with them for both units as the cost of the agreement is super reasonable as well. Thanks for a great experience and great job!😊

Peggy D.

Had some issues with our AC and hired a different company to come out. Weren’t satisfied with their assessment so we contacted Four Season. Mahid was fantastic. Explained everything clearly, showed me what he could so I’d understand, laid out all our options, didn’t try to over-sell us, and was able to repair onsite. Mahid was extremely helpful and courteous. Will definitely use them next year!

Nicole P.

Rudy came during the promised time frame and spent over 4 hours doing a blower motor install. He was very thorough and also spotted a bad wire and fixed it. In addition, he worked to get the unit quieter and rechecked the motor mounting to be sure everything was secure, after that he did the AC tune up for us. Rudy paid attention to detail and performed our repair work as if our home was his home. Rudy’s work showed he cares and takes pride in the work he performs. Rudy is an asset to your company and I would prefer Rudy to do all of our repair work and seasonal tune ups in the future. Great job Rudy!!!

David V.

Very good experience. The technician wore a mask and booties. He did a thorough cleaning and checkup of my AC system. Very professional.

Jan W.

First of all, your tech John that came out to our house was so professional. He found our problem, and showed us pictures of the cracked heat exchanger. Next, John suggested a new furnace that would work perfect with our house. Now here’s what is so amazing, and why Four Seasons is the best heating/Air Company out there. John was able to book the installation the very next day during your very busy time of year. June I have to add. Phillip and his assistant came out, and installed the new furnace in 4 hours. Wow we were impressed. Now my house cools the upstairs for the first time in 16 years. This furnace has a 2 speed automatic fan build in. I can say enough kind things about Phillip and his assistant. They both showed their professionalism, and skill. I should add it was a rainy day also. They never flinched, or slowed down until they were finished and my wife and I were completely happy with our new Lennox addition. Thank you so much Four Seasons!!!!!

John L.

Excellent service tech. Spent a lot of time. Changed batteries in the thermostat. Asked when I changed furnace filter. Answered all my questions. Very pleasant guy.

Judy R.

Outstanding. This company went above and beyond to make sure my vents were clean despite the complications of poor venting installation. I could not be more pleased. Very professional and Covid responsible. I would highly recommend this company and will definitely use them in the future for any heating and cooling needs.

Pat H.

Jason really helped us out in a bind on a Sunday. He got us going quickly and didn’t try to just sell us a new unit. Should we need that unit in the future, we will be going with Jason and crew! Thanks again!


Water seeping from a shower stall caused me to call another company. Their plumber showed up late, spent three hours looking for the problem (after I’d showed him originally where it was), then told me he would need to send in an estimator due to the complexity of the project. Three weeks later, the estimator showed up and gave me a bid resembling the price of a new car purchase. I called 4 Seasons. The following day your sales person showed up, gave me a bid (which I accepted) and two days later the work was completed to my complete satisfaction. I thank you for your prompt, fairly-priced, quality service.

Steven P.

I have been using four seasons heating and air for 2 years and the are fantastic they never come into your house and try to sell you something you don’t need they have great prices and there techs are well trained and very knowledgeable I have chris come out and work on my unit every year he is great he knows his stuff and he dose a good job by the time he leaves my air is back up and Running like it should be and I am always very happy I called them thank you so Much Four seasons and thank you for being an honest company it is nice to see there are still companies out there that that relie on giving good service to make there money instead of companies that come in to your home and say to them selfs what can I sell this guy to make a profit that he really doesn’t need once again thank you happy customer Ryan Brooks June 9th 2020

Ryan B.

Our Sales Consultant Derick Scarborough was terrific. Knowledgeable, hilarious, great personality. Was a pleasure meeting and speaking to him. He went above and beyond in customer service. Decided to go with you guys mainly because of his thoroughness and personality. Thank you

Heidi S.

Excellent. Knows how to troubleshoot, took care of the problem straight away.

Josh S.

Today, Dan C, serviced my home and he performed an exceptional job. He went above and beyond the call of duty and made sure the job was completed today. His phenomenal service is the reason why we will be repeat customers.

Nelson A.

I will not hesitate to recommend 4 seasons for all heating and cooling issues . Justin was our technician and gave us the play by play on our central air issue he was polite courteous thank you Justin you made our first experience with 4 seasons a good one .

Cherie D.

Nolan and David went above and beyond on our installation. Scheduled as only a half day installation, they stayed late into the night (9 pm) to finish the install and see it through to the end without compromising quality. The extra time was not their fault and had to do entirely with the layout of our aging house. We were desperate for installation as we have two young kids, who are 1 and 2 years old, and do not fare well in unconditioned heat. Thanks again for being such dedicated technicians who truly are top craftsmen at their work!

Jeffrey S.

They guys were nice did good job very expensive and they could clean up better found tons of screws etc on my balcony and my daughter myself and pets go out there to spend that much money and have to clean up is disappointing


He was very conscious, took his time and very polite. Did a great job. Daniel loves this job you can tell the way he works. A perfect customer service person. Never entered the house and cleaned everything up

Mae C.

Darek was our electrician who came out to wire our dining room. He was prompt, courteous and he walked me through the entire process. He would check in with us to make sure we knew how things were going and made sure we were happy. He stayed and made sure the job was done and wouldn’t quit until it was, he is an incredibly nice guy who worked so hard. Great experience and very pleased. 5 star service!

Luke W.

I purchased my ac/furnace unit in 2013. The only problem I had 2015 was the coil which they replaced with no problem. Since then I have not had any problems with the unit. My unit gets a tuneup for the AC and furnace every year from them also. They have excellent customer service. I am very happy with their service and product. Very highly recommend this company for their service and products. Thank you Four Season

Nancy T.

From my initial meeting with the Four Seasons’ salesperson to the completion of the install of my new air conditioner and furnace for my house, I was very pleased with the overall service that Four Seasons provided. The salesperson (Justin) was very friendly, knowledgeable and honest in his presentation of the various options for my A/C and furnace units that needed to be replaced. The price they quoted, together with the various rebates (including Costco rebates) offered, made them the most competitive. Their installers (Gerardo and Daniel) were very proficient, hard working, knowledgeable, clean, courteous and prompt in meeting the timeline they set to complete the installation of the new units. I give Four Seasons an excellent overall rating and would recommend them to my neighbors!

Allan G.

I have to say that Melissa and her team were very helpful to me and I would recommend this company to anyone who needs there services they were very professional and courteous and I would give them 100% I just got to say thank you for your help Lawrence Cione

Lawrence S.

The Four Seasons technician came out on 5/4 to investigate a loud buzzing sound emanating from the furnace, which is only 15 months old. He was really thorough, took all of the time to find the source of the problem (Lennox manufacturing mistake), explained it to me, and fixed it. Very professional service. Thank you.

Kristin M.

Great experience! My Sales Consultant was very helpful and attentive to my needs. The Install Techs were knowledgeable and had a great working attitude. Everyone at Four Seasons is a true professional. I highly recommend Four Seasons . A top notch professional company.

Jim B.

No problems

Paul S.

Excellent tech was great, girl who made appt was very helpful

Leonard M.

I made my appointment and the tech was on time, I watched him work and what I seen he did a very good job. I’m Happy with the service A1 5 stars

Leonard M.

HOLY COW! I’m a first time, brand new home buyer and we noticed we had some plumbing issues. We called one company who quoted us $8,000 to replace the pipe and tear apart our back yard. I panicked and decided to get a second opinion and that’s when I met Mike! He came in, told me it could be an expensive repair but he had plenty of options we could go over. We agreed on a fix that was around $1500(way more reasonable) and nothing had to be pulled apart. He went above and beyond and made sure everything was done correctly and even looked at a dripping faucet we had to try and get parts to fix that for us. Mike is amazing!

Tabbi G.

We had our furnace and air tuned up today. Our technician Rekesh S was very polite and professional. We always have great service from Four Seasons. Thank you for being awesome.

Tara M.

I tried to get this guy again he was the only one who was able to fix my furnace after 6 four seasons technicians . Unfortunately they said he is gone I have to look for some other company .


My experience was great the tech was well respectful he did his job in a timely manner everything was done perfect to my satisfaction I would recommend four seasons to anyone.

Gary M.

Jermaine is an hard, persistent and amazing worker. He take his assignments seriously and is diligent in answering all his customer concerns. His work is through and organized. He goes beyond to ensure the customer is satisfied and educated on their new product.


Had new furnace installed. All techs were courteous, kind, and kept us informed of progress of job. Reasonable pricing and left my house cleaned up. Had to have a follow-up on furnace, but they fixed at no charge. Had vents cleaned as well. They did follow-up phone calls about their service. Don’t hear that companies do that much these days. Quite impressed and will use in the future. Would definitely recommend.

Joann L.

My technician was awesome. He have a detailed explanation about what was wrong and what he needed to do.


Aimin replaced my garage door springs and also provided additional education which helped me know what to look for in the future. Called today and he was available same day. Highly recommended.


John D was very professional in performing the repair and explaining the problem and what he was repairing and how i could maintain the repair.

Henrene W.

My experience with this helpful heating and air condition company was fantastic they’re very friendly knowledgeable about what they’re doing and very helpful there’s no overcharge there’s no in between just helpful kind people thank you guys so much for all the help you’ve given me today

Maceo B.

Miguel was friendly, courteous and very professional.

Joseph C.

OMG! Anthony was amazing! The unit on the roof is not an easy unit to fix. Anthony was on the roof for 15 minutes when he discovered the issue. 15 minutes later we were up and running. The cost? $170.00 ish. I thank you but most of all my brides thank you. -Complete Bridal/The Bridal Boys

David G.

We had our annual furnace tune-up. This year the technician that arrived was Rakesh. I highly recommend you request him when you are scheduling your furnace work. His professionalism and courtesy were second to none. I will make sure to schedule him everytime I need work done on my furnace.

William H.

Our furnace stopped working and within 2 hours of me calling Four Seasons, a service technician who was friendly, thorough and knowledgeable, diagnosed the problem and ordered the part. The new part was delivered to my house and another service technician who too was courteous and efficient replaced the broken motor. He then cleaned our other furnace to ensure that it was in top working condition.

Lisa G.

Our new furnace had to be serviced less than a year after we got it. My husband and I woke up from a strong burning smell coming through all the vents. I actually said to my husband “it smells like an electrical burn. (I trained to be a fire inspector several years ago so I am very aware of what different burns smell like!) there was a lose wire that could have caused a fire. Even had to pay for what four seasons did wrong because they denied any bad wiring and said it was pet hair. ( we have always had pets and never a problem). They denied the faulty wiring that the service man actually showed me. They can deny that there was a problem but shouldn’t it come down to the safety of their customers? It was a new heater less than a year old and they told us the burning was from our dog! I guess sales is higher than safety to them.

David S.

I had a tune up today and there is a part breaking, which the tech found out. Let me know cost so I can schedule an appointment later this year to replace it.

Christine B.

Very nice service and honest info for furnace tune up.

Ryan M.

Tech was knowledgeable, friendly and arrived early, but called ahead. Great company. They have been servicing us for 10+ years.

Rose B.

Friday called and Adam came by, at once saw my problem was construction soot had gotten into registers and intake area and around furnace, vacuumed entirely and changed my air filter with my replacement and checked for heat loss, a storm window left open by workman and checked thermostat, which was working well. Technician Adam was super great guy and a “worker” . Best to you for hiring good people with expert training. Thanks Christian

L.Christian D.

My experience with four seasons was terrible. They came in my home to repair a furnace and took the payment the the heat went back out. Today they suppose come back out. I on the phone with them and they tell me they was not informed they had to come back out. REALLY!!!!!

Tina W.

I was extremely taken back by not only the quality of service but the professionalism in which that service was handled. These service men went out their way with courtesy and respect

Barbara P.

I think the cost of repair is a little bit too strep but he gave us that extra mile of service of cleaning the furnace. Very amiable and courteous.


For two years, I ‘ve had Rakesh Sharma. He is respectful, organized, and explain what is doing. I’m very pleased with Sharma and my units.


Fantastic. Our technician Kyle was professional, knowledgeable, courteous. You can’t get much better than that!

Susan T.

Dean, our service tech was great! We love Four Seasons! They know how to take care of their loyal customers. Thank you guys!

Aki K.

Yesterday had a new Heat, A/C, and Humidifier installed. The work was done by Shawn & his partner. They did a terrific job on all phases. They worked diligently non-stop from 8AM to 6PM. A lot of work was involved. They also installed my new digital thermostat. Afterwards they cleaned up everything, All debris was removed from the premises. Shawn is very knowledgeable, capable, and competent and I am most satisfied with the installation.

Chas M.

His professional attitude and demeanor was very reassuring. He was down to earth,personable, yet clearly a very good technician. It was a pleasure talking to him.

Eric H.

Very professional. Doug was a great help.


Pat was extremely professional. Assessed the problem. Rotted out the line till the water flowed easily. And cleaned up after work completed. Would recommend them for any plumbing, heating and cooling problem.

Maryann U.

Repairman showed knowledge of service Clean and polite You soon got a sense that he treated you honestly and fairly Great rare experience

Charles N.

Four Seasons called me and they took care of the problem with my refund right away thank you Lawrence Cione

Lawrence S.

We had two A.C. systems installed by Four seasons last year. This year we experienced high humidity levels in the 2nd and 3rd floor of our house. We called three seasons three time to attempt to solve. On the third attempt the technician observed that out thermostat on the second floor system was off by almost four degrees causing the unit not run enough. Very professional that they stuck with the issue. Even after they found out it was not there A.C. system, they still did not charge us. I will certainly recommend and use them for all of our A.C. needs


Gracias por su excelente trabajo!

Enrique C.

My air conditioner died heading into the latest heat wave. Other companies couldn’t do a replacement for a week or more. Four Seasons, through Costco, sent Nick out an he was able to set me up with an install the same evening. Shawn and his assistant arrived at 5pm and started to work. When he first saw my furnace he was amazed at the poor quality of work the previous installer had done and decided that he would replace all the old, rusty, patchwork sheet metal that housed the A coil, even though it would take him a lot longer he wanted the job done right. Shawn is a true professional and craftsman. It took him and his assistant until 12:30 am to finish the installation, but it looks like a whole new furnace. The man is a sheet metal artist! He did a beautiful job, and while the house was 85 degrees when I went to bed, it was at 77 (where the thermostat was set) in the early morning. I actually had to pull up some covers. I can’t thank Shawn and Four Seasons enough for coming out and saving the day, and night, when it was so hot out. They are top notch! Thanks guys!!

Bruce A.

I am happy to say that what could have been a nightmare turned out to be a blessing today. After speaking with Michelle Madura this morning she put my mind at ease confirming that they would be coming to my home to install the new coil and finish the job we hired Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning to do in the beginning. The fact that the owner apoligized about the misunderstanding was very helpful. Michelle Madura did go beyond anyone else in addressing our concerns and even blessing us with assurance that we would not have to pay more than our initial payment of $1420.00 paid in full that we were told right from start. Michelle Madura also reassured me in stating that we were paid infull and would not be charged for the completopn of the job. Thank you very much. I was very grateful since the shock of having to pay more than I was quoted could have really taken a toll on us. So yes thank you for stepping up Michelle Madura. The two young men( Matthew Nellenthin and Antonio Sears) where very polite and went about doing the work as a matter of fact they were very nice I thought. The young men cleaned up after they were done and checked everything off for me and had me sign that the work was satisfactory. I was concerned that I wouldn’t have time to pick my husband but because they were done by 2pm-2:15pm I was able to leave on time. I appreciated that so much.

Elizabeth V.

Great. Phone operator was so nice on phone when I made my APT Service man was right on time and did a great job.

Leonard M.

Dominic was absolutely fabulous. His trouble shooting was spot on! His apprentice Frank was on the ball and getting the job done! Great team!!!! I didn’t get Dominic’s last name I think it was Carlan but not sure. Anyway he is a asset to your team!!

Susan T.

Rudy was On time, Efficient, friendly, and did a great job of providing the Services needed to Clean and check our AC unit for Summer


The technician was excellent, he was very efficient able to answer all of my questions, and very professional. Great Job!

Barbara M.

The technician was very friendly and helpful. He checked the system very professionally. I would recommend him to my friends for his work.

Jay P.

Delightful experience. Cyrus was prompt, knowledgeable courteous and respectful. I’d recommend him as the technician over and over again. Service was beyond exceptional.

Yvonne B.

The technician was very friendly and helpful. He answered all my concerns with the utmost respect.

Belinda W.

Jamal was courteous and efficient and took his time in checking the AC system and explaining my thermostat operation.

Rita M.

The tech arrived on time and prepared to work. He clearly explained step by step what he was going to do. He answered all of my questions. He checked everything, thoroughly cleaned the air condition unit. He finished in a timely manner. I was extremely pleased because you do not want added work when you are in your senior years!

Michele A.

I have used Four Seasons for furnace,air conditioning and duct cleaning many times. Customer since May of 2009. I I have never been disappointed in their quality of work and the products that they service. Their professionalism that they demonstrate provides me with the ultimate level of confidence such that I do not have to every worry about their work or the products that they service. Great Company and Service personnel !

Robert R.

Four Seasons is the best in everyway. I had 7 different HVAC companies come to our home. Without a doubt from start to finish Four Seasons blew them all away! Our Sales Rep, Franco, was on time, perfectly prepared, professional and courteous. Our installers, Matt, James, Mike and Brian were awesome as well. They were on time, did an unbelievable job and were extremely professional. Of course, the end product was absolutely perfect. And…as we all know…the most important thing is price. Four Seasons did high quality work, did more than expected and their price beat all the others we interviewed. I would never use any other company.

Bob A.

Easy to do business with. I appreciate they call to remind me when it’s time for a Clean & Check. They have Flexible schedules, arrive within time estimated, fair reasonable prices, no break down guarantee. Professional service technicians. I bought my furnace and AC from you 7 years ago and you have always treated me as a valued customer. I recommend Four Seasons to others all the time.

Thomas B.

The tech.was polite and neat

Dennis G.

Pat was just here to look at an outside water spigot for the garden hose – problem solved. We also want to do a spigot out front and he talked me through the options. We will definitely have this work done with Pat and Four Seasons.


Nick was very hardworking and efficient. I am pleased I would recommend him wholeheartedly. Thank you

Kathryn M.

Miguel was extremely thorough in his evaluation and cleaning of my A/C system. When he identified a poorly performing part, he took the time to show me why he was suggesting replacement and the effect of not replacing it. He also walked me through everything he was doing so I was informed on how my system worked. I truly appreciated his patience with me and the time he took to explain everything. One of the best technicians I’ve had. Thank you Miguel!

Lyndi N.

Excellent!! On time service, shoe covers in the house, went to work right away and explained what had to to be done to check out the Four Seasons Furnace and service it. Jason’s the right man for the job, excellent workman. No wasted time.Good job Jason. We worked out how I can add a new A/C system to my house to replace a very old one. We will install that later this week. Bob.

Bob S.

The service men were on time, polite, Knowledgeable , wore shoe covers and cleaned up well

Cherie G.

Simply, outstanding, from my first phone call to the technician leaving my condo. I’ve dealt with the predecessor companies since 1975. The present company keeps with the service I have always expected to receive. Go no further. Top drawer!


Love the famous four seasons. Very reliable and professional!


Technician came on time and was very efficient. Did a very thorough cleaning.

Theodore G.

Great Service like usual. Knowledgeable Tech and careful of floors and shoes due to snow. I am good fir another 6 months. Have done business with out issue for many years

Dianna A.

great service great technician this company is top notch

Steve K.

Got new hvac yesterday and the process was seamless. Installers were great and very informative.

Tanisha R.

Promptness courtesy on time reliable dependable and a company Greatness because they have the best workers Thanks STANLEY ( four seasons heating and air condition )

Stanley K.

I was very lucky to have received probably one of the best technicians I’ve ever had in my home. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable he was extraordinary polite informative considerate explained every single move he was making and why he was doing it and what he was doing to fix the issue and the problem which I greatly appreciate. Cleaned up his Mass carried everything out and threw it away I wish I could get him each time I needed a technician to come to my home even though I know that’s not company policy. He’s a superstar for your company so you better keep him

Jerry M.

Damien was the most knowledgeable and concerned technician that I’ve encountered. He presented well for the service and was well versed and informative as he made us comfortable in the service being completed at the highest level.

Johnny L.

I want to thank ALL at FOUR SEASONS for not only listening to my problems and that you were here for me every time until you figured out this unique problem. I would really like to make a very big thank you to Kevin (customer service) and Tim, aka Shaq JR. Thank you, thank you, thank you…CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ITS BEST!!!!

Brian K.

Four Seasons took care of our furnace problem with a simple cleaning. Happy with their service and their technician!

Lynne S.

Mi experiensa fue muy buena nos explicaron el proceso paso por paso. Muchas gracias por su trabajo y profecionalismo, los recomendare con familiares y amistades.0645736. Thank you


Wonderful service on a Friday night! Great techs, great reps, all around excellent service!

Dan M.

Our experience with 4 Seasons, has been great, since we bought our new furnace, 4 years ago, once a year we call , 4 Seasons they send a technician, with their experience we trust they know what their doing. 4 Seasons is our company, hopefully I’ll be saying the same thing in 24 more years. Juanita M.

Juanita M.

This morning I awoke freezing cold, my furnace was blowing nothing but COLD air. I called Four Seasons who had installed both my furnace & air conditioning and they were out immediately and got back into the HEAT ZONE immediately. The technician was TOP NOTCH! I would recommend this company to anyone & everyone.

Hillard B.

4-Season stands by their product and service is always done completely and efficiently and timely!

James T.

We had a sump pump issue and the technician arrive a hour before the window they gave us! They came out the same day when another service said it would be two weeks! We were able to get the issue resolved quickly and affordably before any damage or flooding occurred. Would highly recommend!

Will T.


Devon J.

They are always prompt, courteous and professional. The technician found a small problem, replaced the part under warranty with no issues.

Chris M.

Just a fabulous job would not leave my house till he knew we had heat.This man is dedicated and thank you for the outstanding job


Serviceman was very profession, wore shoe coverings, answering all questions professionally.


Very happy with the regular furnace tune-up. Knowledgeable and polite technicians, always use protective slippers (small things matter!). Overall our experience with Four Seasons has been very positive.


My four seasons technician was awesome. He was professional and knowledgeable.

Thomas W.

Our home warranty company left us in a jam and four seasons showed compassion and caring. When the home warranty company told us to find our own vendor after no heat for 24 hours I called four seasons. They were the fastest to come out on a Saturday. At first Kevin thought he couldn’t fix the motherboard because he couldn’t get the part. But after talking to his boss and seeing it was already 44 degrees in our house they said they couldn’t let us with out heat another night. They sent a courier by 7 pm with our part and another tech fame before 8 to install it. Four seasons has my business for life. On a Saturday in February in Chicago we had no heat and they understood this was dangerous and wanted to fix it for us because they care about people.

Leasa K.

0143041 Fast, dependable service. Always professional. Jarrah made sure all my questions were answered. He took the time to explain everything. Thank you!

John S.

Donald Wolter was amazing. He did a great job, walked us through everything, was friendly and knowledgeable. In stressful situation, it’s very nice to have someone who will take the time and explain things to you.

Heather F.

Four seasons was great my furnace went out today 2/8/2019 so I call four seasons and within two hours my furnace was repaired and I had heat great job four seasons.

Theodis I.

Chris Rog. I was so impressed by Christopher’s knowledge, professionalism and communication skills. He represented Four Seasons so well, I will be recommending your company to family, friends and co-workers. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Patricia D.

Great service!!! Thank You

Leeann D.

Thank you Gloria Gomez -CS dept. for your excellent follow up and problem resolution skills. I highly recommend Four Seasons.

Sharon M.

I had an issue with my furnace yesterday. With the weather turning bitterly cold I decided not to take any chances and to call Four Seasons. They have been my twice a year inspection and maintenance providers since I bought my house. Even though the furnsce wss running this morning I went ahead and called them this morning. The furnace had been inspected in November. The tech came out this afternoon. He wss neat. He put on the booties to keep my floor clean. He spotted one problem within seconds of stepping into my furnace are. He checked other components. He cleaned a couple of critical parts. He answered all of my questions. He was very thorough. The best part since they had just inspected the system two months ago there was no service charge for today’s visit. I love the professionalism with which they take care of my system. I recommend them highly.

John B.

Outstanding service and outstanding customer service, thank you Matt and Gloria C/S as well as Joe and Nick Tech’s, fast and dependable and people that care; JOB 👍🏻 well done!! Thanks

Edward M.

Customer Number: 0233050 Techinition was curdeious and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommended Four Seasons to my friends and family. For years of being a Four Seasons customer, they have always done a great job.

Andreas N.

Awesome Service! Professional Technicians always come out.


Everything was explain and why this should be done did not force work on what should be done very professionally

Carolyn S.

Furnace stopped working called four seasons, Tech came to house in 2-3 hours . Fixed the problem promptly. House is web arm again! No charge because furnace is regularly checked every season. Great service!

William P.

This is a great company to do business with. Everything has always gone good when I have done maintenance on my heat and air. They have some good customer programs to help you save money. I would recommend this company.

Mary M.

Blower module and motor went out on our furnace on a Friday afternoon. Made a service call and Four seasons was there within two hours! Thankfully parts and labor were covered under a great warranty we purchased from them and we were up and running again in less than 24 hours! Would definitely recommend them!

Ron P.

Quick, easy, amazing customer service and installers (Sylvester and Joe T.) were wonderful! Highly recommend.

Dorothy K.

Technician Sonny repaired my furnace. He stayed until the job was done. I have a older model and he was very knowledgeable about the parts and competent in his trouble shooting. All around great guy and it was a pleasure having him in my home. I had went two days without heat. Four Seasons worked with me.


My experience with four seasons was Quick, Professional, and right on time. My two repair men were friendly, execellent and cleaned up after they were finished with the job. I will recommend Four Seasons to anyone.

Patricia L.

Beyond cleaning and checking our furnace, our tech was also polite, businesslike, and a font of information about how to get the most out of our system. The best advice was that he suggested that I put a reminder in my calendar to get our system cleaned a bit earlier than we had this year. I called for an appointment when it started getting cold in late October – and had to wait until mid-December for my appointment. They are that busy. So next year, a reminder will pop up in my calendar the first week of September so I can get my furnace checked on time! Thanks!

Carol T.

I had Kasey from Four Seasons come in for the annual service of our furnace, humidifier and water heater this Friday. I also had Kasey take a look at our UV sterilier unit due to the bulb being out. Kasey took one look at ithe UV unit and told me that the outlet had been tripped and he reset it. Bulb came right back on. Needless to say, Kasey easily could have agreed and charged me for a new one. I appreciate his honesty and his professional additude. Especially since I was prepared to pay for the replacement. Kasey was quick, polite and friendly. The best part was that Four Seasons stands beside their products/labor and did not charge me for the maintenance of the furnace for the first 5 years!

Israel S.

Had a service call and while they were out did a clean and check as well. Was professional and tech called when they were on their way so i could make sure i was home. Darrius was the tech and was excellent explaining things

Dave 0.

Big shout out to technician Darius Weithers for recognizing the issue with my water supply to my new fridge had been disrupted by the installers days earlier while installing new Lenox furnace and Aircon. Big thank you to installerJermaine Jones for identifying and fixing the problem restoring water to my fridge, I’m very impressed at this being a new customer. Thank you 4 Seasons!

James L.

Great service, very accommodating-thank you


From the original phone call to set up the appointment all the way to fixing the problem and install this has been a very smooth stress free experience. I highly recommend four seasons to anyone looking to get hvac work done. Will only be using this company for any future needs.

Anthony D.

It all started with a visit from salesman Jeff Bogdan who gave us very nice pricing and even added 5 years maintenance free and $800 Visa gift card which was a special they were running, then came installation day 12/8/18 and technician Piotr Gierut and his helper Michael Przybylo who were both pleasant, clean and knowledgeable answering many questions I had through the course of the day they were here. As I had never had a new furnace and aircon installed I had no idea how much work this curtailed and both me and my wife are very impressed with all aspects of this event.

James L.

The tech did a great job. Very kind and skilled. Also want to Thank Gloria for the additional help with a problem with my invoice. She was very professional and kind. You can see customer satisfaction is her priority. Thank you!

David W.

Paul Stump was…exemplary in his work. Paul was punctual, personable and honest. He was very thorough in assessing the condition of my system and taking care of the tune up. He educated me on filter use and placement. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul. Thanks!!

Gretchen S.


Earnest B.

I had a great technician. He explain what the tune up involved also gave great recommendation My only regret not writing his name down

Edward F.

I write to inform I had my a/c clean this past summer. The technician was on time. He also made reccomendation. Overall very good experience.

Edward F.

After 21 hours of servicemen trying to fix a new hot water tank that Four Seasons installed on Wednesday they finally sent someone who knew what they were doing. thank you Jose and Santino great job

Ed J.

Tech called to let me know when he would be here, showed up on time with a clean uniform and a pleasant appearance, put on his blue booties and went to work, after he was done he explained what he had done and asked if I had any question, he also made a recommendation on using a different filter. Very nice experience.

James B.

I’m 60 years old and disabled. Technical worker from NYC .And first time having someone to do do something for me instead of the other way around. But the people we’re great as it should be everything was good I’m glad.

Kenneth R.

Great. The service man came on time anfd went right to work. He was friendly and. Seemed to know his job well

Gerald C.

Ernesto was excellent! He was professional, friendly, on-time as advertised. Glad to see great service, thank-you!


Had a leak in the wall for our kitchen sink. The gentleman who came was very professional and knowledgeable. He took care of the problem and had our sink functioning again. Thank you Four seasons we will definitely be coming back to you for all of our plumbing needs and would recommend you to all of our friends and family!!

Don P.

Update – Thanks to Melissa for her pursuit of customer satisfaction. After 8 weeks and many phone calls our repaired gas valve cost and warranty coverage issues will be resolved. We will see how the cleaning and maintenance service plays out as a follow up to this project.

Bill K.

My experience with Four Seasons was exceptional. Adam Wolfe the tech had my furnace up and running in less than an hour. Glad my daughter told me to call Four Seasons.

Rita H.

I would highly recommend this company. We bought our furnace & a/c from them 5 years ago. Very reasonable & came with 5 years cleaning on each unit!. Also we recently had a problem with a valve that Four Seasons installed failing. The valve was above the hot water tank & it fried the hot water tank. Four Seasons came out on a Sunday afternoon & by Sunday evening customer service rep Gloria Gomez said Four Seasons would install a new hot water tank free of charge! They came the next day & installed a beautiful new water tank. Very professional. I can’t say enough about this company! Gloria Gomez was outstanding! Thank you again Four Seasons!!

Pam W.

As always, a great overall experience. Come on time, call to alert when they will be there, professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

Roy F.

Scheduled our annual winter tune up and the technician was very polite, efficient, and knowledgeable. We always get great service from four seasons.


Eric Pittman was very knowledgeable on what his work called for. He explained patiently what we needed to do cause we did not understand how the Humidifier worked. Any other questions we had he answered with great understanding for two senior citizens. I hope when it comes time for the tuning up of the air conditioner it will be him to come and service it. And, what a blessing to know he is a non-denominational Christian. May he be bless as well as 4-Seasons having him as their employee.

Robert R.

Time for our yearly check up! Technician was on time, professsional and courteous. Service was completed in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend Four Seasons! Excellent service, Thank you!

Doreen E.

A Great Company to Work With. 4 Seasons really cares about making sure the customer is completely satisfied with the work they have done for you. 👍🏻

Marie T.

On Oct. 9, 2018, I had my yearly furnace check up with Four Seasons and I am completely satisfied. Jay was my technician and he was great. I have been a long time customer and I am happy to call on a company that I can trust.

Linda C.

I would highly recommend Leith Heating and Cooling. From beginning to end dealing with them was a great experience. Brian was very pleasant and honest and I would not hesitate to recommend them to everybody I know.

Sandy T.

Outstanding service very courteous and polite excellent job!!!

Myrna C.

ERIC PITTMAN was GREAT with his knowledge and helped me with a mix up back at the office with my payment for a cleaning and service and handled it very Professionally and was Courteous to me and was Very Kind; I BELIVE that this service technician ERIC PITTMAN is a Credit to Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning; I was about to be done with this company over a cost issue over what was told me when I first bought my furnace from them; but he was able to Help me to Understand with a much better Understanding of my situation; ERIC PITTMAN was Patient with my displeasure I had displayed in front of him about Four Seasons front office and how they were dealing with me from the beginning and Mr. ERIC PITTMAN Listened to my disappointments and then begin to Quickly resolve my problems with his company Four Seasons; I hope that anytime that I may have any problems in the future that they will dispatch him ERIC PITTMAN to my home because with him I feel a new sense of trust that could have been easily turned into something much worse for this company. MR. ERIC PITTMAN would be a Great Representation and Employee for any company that he works for in this case it was Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning. Thank You, MR. ERIC Pittman for loving the work that you do, sincerely Robert Paris.

Robert P.

My furnace wasn’t working properly on the first cold weekend in October when the house needed heating. I call customer service for an emergency appointment and my technician Mike Perry was sent out to fix the problem. He was detailed, professional, courteous and left me pleased with the service.

Jacque B.

The service technician who came to my home was very professional, knew very well what I needed and did a wonderful job. I was very pleased with his service.

Marguita Z.

As always, the service I get from Four Season is top notch!

Mary N.

The technician from Fours Seasons, Rick D., provided excellent service. Additionally, he was very professional and thorough. It was truly a 5-Star experience!!!

Maurice R.

The service technician, Thair, did a great job of not only getting our furnace ready for winter but detected and fixed a problem with our drain line from our air conditioner. He was at all time very professional, cleaned up the area and was patient in answering all my questions. Thank you!!!

Deanna M.

We have been loyal customers of 4-Seasons for over 13 years now and have been pleased with the service we have received. Their technicians are knowledgeable and friendly. I can wholeheartedly recommend this company, and have done so with family members and friends.

Diana P.

I just i had my yearly furnace check up before the cold weather sets in. I have been a long time customer of Four Seasons. I feel very comfortable using a company that I can trust.

Linda C.

The technician who performed the annual tune up was extremely thorough in every way. Very nice and personable too. I give this person and Four seasons a rating of 10 out of 10!

Donald P.

Jack is very friendly and professional. He was on-time for my scheduled appointment and took time to work on my furnace. He explained to me on what he was doing. He asked me if I have any questions when he was done. Thanks Jack to take care my furnace.

Chiu W.

My Technician Robert was on time, knowledgeable, and courteous and explained whole process of what he was doing and if I had any questions great company , great paople


Good service, on time, good price, easy to contact, great company

Felicia C.

I had my a/c and furnace checked over. I was very pleased with the service. He did an outstanding job.He answered all my questions.I would recommend Four Seasons to anyone.

Donald M.

The technician was very knowledgeable and courteous.

Alan T.

Nate Ellis was awesome

Josh K.

Need a new hearing system, called Four Seasons, they sent out a service tech, who provided us with options, and suggested the best system for our home. The installers were professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. We are totally satisfied with the equipment and the service that we received.

Bobbie B.

The service technician was performing my annual heating tune up. He called prior to his arrival and was very courteous and knowledgeable . He completed the checkup in a timely manner and made suggestions to keep a more even temperature throughout the house. I have never been disappointed with the service performed by four seasons.

Salvatore S.

My service technician was prompt ,polite and respectful of my home by wearing the protective covering on his shoes. He even answered questions about future update services for my furnace that I may need. He also gave me some Great suggestions that I certainly going to consider. It was a 5 Star visit.

Helen M.

My AC system went out and I needed to replace it quickly. My service representative, Nick Campbell was very helpful and explained the process thoroughly and was able to arrange a install date very quickly. The day of installation, my techs called to advise when they would be there, they were right on time and very professional. They worked very hard to install my new AC/Heating system. Nick even swung by to check on my installation. I am very impressed with Four Seasons. In an age of mediocre service, this was a very pleasant surprise! Thank you Four Seasons and a big thank you to Nick and my great, hard working techs!!

Gary S.

I had problems with my bathroom plumbing, Mark, arrived early, called before he came. perceived the problems from all angles, and explained them in a grammar I could understand. He was very knowledgeable, and friendly. Its refreshing to know there are still some professionals out there like MARK. i

Jan F.

The service tech, Gregory was excellent. I would have him back anytime. Friendly and efficient, and explained what he was doing so that I understood. Thanks.

Joe D.

As always the service was great. My service Tech was very professional and took care of my furnace for the coming winter. Great job!!!!

Jon D.

The technician was on time and very professional.


Fast, professional and friendly! Thank you! Will use again


My heating and air conditioning specialist Dave was timely and professional. He was thorough and inspected all difficulties restoring my system to optimal performance. He clearly explained what he was doing and quickly repaired the problems. The experience was fantastic! I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation.

Michael M.

Miguel Rivas was…On time, professional, friendly, determined to get my issue resolved and patient (as he explained the issue and fix).

S C.

On August 20Th, 2018 Four Seasons removed my 30 year old furnace and air-conditioner and installed a new system. The sales rep was very knowledgeable, courteous and under the price of two competitors for the same performing units. I made the decision to choose Four Seasons on Friday. They arrived to install the system on Monday; the install was complete that day. The technicians were fast and courteous, they cleaned up, explained how the new systems worked and answered all questions. My quad level home temperature has never been more consistent. The top level has been hot, summer and winter while the lower levels were noticeable cooler and cold at the lowest level. Now there is no noticeable temperature difference throughout the house. Thank You Four Seasons

Greg C.

Love this company! Been using them for years and will continue to do so!


Prompt, knowledgeable. We needed a part to complete the work. Our tech left to go get it (instead of having to wait a week or so) and was back in 20 minutes then completed the work in the same day. Four Seasons will definitely be our go to company.


When our blower crapped out on us before the end of summer, Four Seasons was the first company I called after a friend of mine posted a great review of her experience. They came in on a service call, and were back the next day for a new furnace installation. Then, less than a week later, when our thermostat was acting up/unresponsive, they came back and made the adjustments/fixes without a question! Each time, the techs left our Laundry room and hallway cleaner than when they came in, wiping up any dust or debris from installation or even packaging. SO considerate of our space and our neighbors, and while this furnace/AC stuff isn’t cheap, their willingness to come back and fine tune and ensure it REALLY works is priceless. I won’t call anybody else from now on!

Sarah S.

Had my annual furnace check today. Alberto the service technician was great. He explained all that he did including the fact that he had a second tech in training with him. Very pleased with Four Seasons.

Rosemarie O.

I have always received great service for my annual heating or air conditioning check ups the technitions always explain what they are doing and if there is anything that needs attention

Charles P.

technition was freindly and efficient


I have had service for furnace check up/cleaning and service for air conditioner check up. Technician was on time and explained everything they checked and what might need to be fixed in the future. They were neat and efficient. I have had no problems

Shelly S.

I’m happy with Four Seasons. Well trained service techs. Although I see some techs don’t do the full service. The last tech checked the temperature coming out of my registers. He also checked the return air flow. When he washed my compressor, he took all the panels off so he could wash all the dirt and grim from the coils. This tech did so much more than any of the other techs had did. When I question him about the way he was doing the job, he said it was his job to do all the things he was doing. Good tech!

Willard S.

The best company that you can call there on time they fix it right the frist time no call back great customer service.

Otis S.

I purchased a new system (heating and ac) and got a great price! the follow-up service is first rate. Great company to do business with!

George W.

The service technician and his assistant were polite and professional. My new furnace and air conditioner are working great!

Mary R.

Nate Ellis was on time, courteous, explained how my boiler system worked and very friendly! Can I request Nate to always be my technician?!

Nancy C.

Top notch service, technicians answer any questions you might have and offer advice without the pressure to buy something.

Marty E.

Excellent service! Answer all my Questions.

Terry G.

Quick response to an appointment for Preventative Maintenance Tune Up . Technician presentable, professional,performed good job on time…Four Seasons do meet our expectations . Thank you.

Tri T.

My tech arrived within the window I had been given. He was efficient and familiar with servicing units in condos. He located our unit on the roof, assessed the problem, advised me, and repaired the situation in a reasonable time. Couldn’t have asked for more.

Andy H.

My A/C went out after I just got it installed less than a year ago. The Tech Mario came out and he was great. He was very nice and professional and found the problem and fixed it. I was not charged at all. I appreciate Mario and Four Seasons for a job well done. If I have any other problems I hope they send Mario!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Atesha B.

Exceptional service. Technician was very knowledgeable and professional. He explained what he was going to do and answered all questions.

Mayona H.

James Kucera was… Very professional and did a complete check of the AC, he found a part that was going bad and replaced it right away. Very friendly and knowledgeable, I would be happy to see him next time.


Ruben Rodriguez was extremely professional.

Christopher W.

Tech arrived within specified time. Tested freon levels and cleaned the a/c coils. Have two units. Removed protective covering on one unit to do a thorough cleaning. On the other unit, just cleaned from the outside. The tech did notice and repaired a wire which appeared to be showing evidence of overheating. Satisfied with overall service; just wish Four Seasons would narrow down their service window from 5 hours to something a bit more manageable. It is extremely difficult to manage job requirements that way. It is for this reason I am giving 4 stars rather than 5.

Rich P

Good, tech checked the ac unit inside the house, did a visual, but did not look at all at the A coil…went outside and checked condenser and cleaned…quick….

Pete R.

Very satisfied great job

Alan P.

It accomplished the objective of tuning up my a/c. As for the customer experience I felt like the technician was in such a rush that he kind of stormed in the the house without knowing where anything was he seemed a little unstable.

Salvador E.

I much better experience with Jose then the previous technician that came. Very polite and trustful.

Ashwin P.

Had 2 different technicians out on 2 separate occasions, both were AMAZING. Fully explained the situation and gave me affordable and realistic options. Were respectful off home and patient with my situation (condo situation), which can be frustrating dealing with all of the hoops one has to deal with in order to work on some units. I definitely recommend Four Seasons and the techs who came out, Justin and Eduardo. Thanks!!!


Tech was very pleasant and cordial. Work was done quickly and everything is working. I would like a call from your customer service department to explain to me the cost of a repair that was needed when I thought it was covered by the warranty. Look forward to your call or email.

Chuck W.

Excellent grade!!! Technician was professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. I just wish you had a full 24/7 service center for those off hour mishaps. I am satisfied with your service staff!!!

Dexter R

Jian came on time and took about half the time that others have taken to tune up our A/C

Thomas G.

A/C went out on Sunday and we called Four Seasons. Ruben was out the next day, was honest and informative, and fixed our A/C in under an hour after diagnosing the problem. Would highly recommend Four Seasons and particularly Ruben in Chicagoland area!

Anna B.

Needed service on a Sunday. Talked to a live person and service that day. Tech was great and diagnosed and repaired quickly. Will definitely use them again. Great job.


Ahmad Zeina did a great job. Very professional and knowledgeable of our Trane 90 HVAC system. I would highly recommend him. I will request Ahmad for our service needs forthgoing!

Edward B.

Patrick was professional, courteous and provided stellar service. He repaired my air-conditioning on a day when I really needed it!


Ygnacio Hernandez was great. Came on time, found the problem with the AC and got it working. Did a throughout assessment and offered services. He left when the job was complete.


great job. very prompt

Yohannan V.

I would definitely recommend Four Seasons for your heating and air conditioning needs! They do it all and won’t let you down!

Leo G.

Jose was in a out in no time , he got my AC working in no time on one of the Hottest days of the year so far An he’s very friendly me an my husband were pleased with him Thanks Four Seasons you never fail

Tamika P.

My wife and I just bought a house a few months ago and the relatively new AC unit went out on a 90 ° day. We had the builders send their HVAC guy over and he told my wife that we needed a new unit for $5k! I wanted a second opinion so I searched for an AC Repair company in Naperville and found Four Seasons Heating. They were able to come take a look the same day. The AC technician was amazing! He walked us through how he approached his inspection. He educated us on the issues he saw and how we needed to correct them. Turns out all we needed to do was give the AC unit a tune-up. THANK YOU SO MUCH Four Seasons! You saved us thousands of dollars! I would recommend Four Seasons to everyone!

Tony M.

The young guy does not have years of experience. I was notified an hour before that he will be in the location 60@ W Drummond I got to the location about 10 mins early . He called and said he will be late 20 mins do get gas for his vehicle . I was disappointed I prefer experience techniqiam . I had to leave and just trusted him on what he is supposed to do . I asked him if there was a leak I He is young polite but owning several units as landlord I like people with years of experience. I am also a real estate agent and can refer.

Nenita D.

A repairman came promptly to take a look at our aging unit. We needed to replace it and he set us up with great financing for a new AC. The installers Oscar A. and Tranayle F. were there the next day and were courteous and friendly. It was a great experience. Thank you Four Seasons!

Allen C.

My technician Anthony was knowledgeable and very professional couldn’t ask for better. Price was a bit high but service was excellent and usually reliable

Steven N.

Technician Anthony M. arrived on time and diagnosed the problem and cleaned and serviced the ac unit, and now we are cool and happy. WOW he was awesome.

Rich R.

Gregory Kroscher was…respectful, courteous, friendly. He gave us recommendations for the future. Hope he is the one to handle our tune up next year.

Christine W.

Excellent * well done Don! Otter was happy to meet you…

John H.

Jose Espinoza was great at his job. Very professional.

Tim T.

Great professional job, technician was efficient and my new AC works great.

Jim D.

Technician Testing was… good

Milos L.

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