4 Reasons to Own a Whole-Home Humidifier

By Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric - February 16, 2015
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Dry winter air can be a pain. While some homeowners combat dry air in their homes by boiling water on the stove, keeping plants indoors, or laying out bowls of water in their rooms, nothing tackles dry air better than humidifiers.

There are several different types of humidifiers, but we recommend whole-home humidifiers over any other kind. Whole-home humidifiers attach directly to your HVAC system to supply much-needed moisture to every corner of the home.

Here are four common winter complaints that whole-home humidifiers can solve:

Dry Skin

Dry, cracked skin and chapped lips are the most common symptoms of dry winter air. While lotions and balms can help a little bit, the best way to prevent dry skin is to solve the root of the problem. Whole-home humidifiers replace the lost water in the air and keep your skin from drying out.

Static Shocks

During the winter season, there are fewer water molecules in the air to dissipate static shocks. If you’re getting shocked more frequently (and more painfully!), a whole-home humidifier might be able to help.

Brittle Hair

Dry air can suck the life out of your hair. Weak, dull, and brittle hair is common during winter, and dry air can affect your scalp as well. Do you enjoy winter dandruff? Neither do we! Whole-home humidifiers can help keep your scalp and hair hydrated.

Cold-Like Symptoms

A sore throat or stuffy nose during the winter could be due to the air quality in your home. To compensate for the lack of moisture in the air, your body might produce additional mucus in your sinuses, which can lead to congestion.

4 reasons to own a humidifier

A whole-home humidifier can improve your home and your health! If you are tired of dealing with the dry winter air year after year, contact Four Seasons for a free estimate on a Lennox Whole-Home Bypass Humidifier.

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