A Handy Shower Remedy: Use a Plunger!

By Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric - June 12, 2015
person using a plunger

If you own a toilet, chances are you own a plunger as well. It just comes with the territory. Every so often, circumstances will cause your toilet to clog, and in most instances, a plunger can address the problem deftly and decidedly. But outside this narrow window of responsibility, your plunger just sits in the closet waiting to be used.

When our shower and tub drains clog, do we ever think to turn to our plunger? Most of us rush out to the store to buy some chemical-based drain cleaner which will only delay the inevitable and could corrode your pipe lining with continued use. The truth is that the hair and soap scum clogging your tub or shower is best removed through natural or professional means.

How to Use Your Plunger in the Shower!

  • Remove the overflow plate: It will likely be screwed into place, so if you cannot do it by hand, grab a screwdriver and carefully remove the overflow plate. Make sure you don’t drop the screws down the drain!
  • Inspect Your Drain: You might be able to see the clog, and if you can stomach it, remove the clump of hair or soap scum. If not, ready your plunger.
  • Just Add Water: Fill the shower/tub with just enough water to cover the bottom of the plunger.
  • Plunge it: Through deliberate forceful plunges in a steady rhythm, you should be able to loosen the clog.
  • Inspect Your Drain Again: Is the water draining quickly? No? Repeat!

Tub or Shower Won’t Unclog? Call Four Seasons!

Some clogs are just stubborn. No matter how much plunging you do, they simply won’t give. You need to call in the professionals. Four Seasons only hires licensed, professional plumbers and services the entire Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana area! For emergency service 24/7 with no extra charge for nights, weekends, or holidays, contact Four Seasons today!

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