Biggest Plumbing Mistakes

By Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric - February 17, 2015
person repairing a broken water pipe

Top 4 Biggest Plumbing Mistakes You Can Make!

Everyone makes mistakes; it is part of being human. Sometimes mistakes cost money, sometimes they make a mess. When it comes to plumbing, big mistakes are both expensive and a pain to clean up. So, to help you avoid the worst pitfalls in home plumbing, we’ve assembled the top four plumbing mistakes.

  • DO NOT use too much drain cleaner: while commercial drain cleaning solutions can be a tempting quick fix to a stubborn clog, they rarely deliver a complete solution. Instead of clearing the pipe, most drain cleaners will only create or widen a small hole for water to flow through. This leaves your pipe vulnerable to clogging soon after and prompts you to once again resort to drain cleaner. Do not fall into this hazardous cycle! The powerful chemicals that compose the commercial drain products will dissolve both PVC and metal pipes if overused. It is best to treat these options as a temporary fix before a plumber can truly solve the problem.
  • DO NOT leave an outside hose connected in winter: the hoses outside our homes are absolute necessities to anyone who gardens, has landscaping, or washes their car on the driveway, but in the winter months, these trusty faucets are less than useless. If left attached during a cold snap, they increase the likelihood of frozen and burst pipes.
  • DO NOT mismatch your pipes: When a small leak springs in the piping, many homeowners choose to replace the pipe themselves in an effort to save time and money. Because they are not experienced plumbers, however, they often select the wrong pipe size or material. This small mistake could make all the difference. For example, galvanized metal pipes should not directly connect to copper pipes due to the increased chance of corrosion.

The Biggest Mistake, Not Choosing an Experienced Plumber!

Four Seasons is Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana’s most trusted source for residential and commercial plumbing. Our reputation for excellence and track record of superior service has earned us the 2015 BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics, the organization’s highest honor. So, the biggest plumbing mistake you can make is not choosing the award-winning, licensed plumbers at Four Seasons. Contact us today for plumbing projects of all sizes.

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