Celebrate Earth Day With Four Seasons!

By Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric - April 22, 2014

On April 22, 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin founded Earth Day in response to an oil spill off Santa Barbara, California. By 1990, Earth Day had become a global holiday with over 140 countries participating in the celebration, and now the number has risen to over 180 countries pitching in to make our world a little greener. Senator Nelson was honored by President Bill Clinton in 1995 with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his involvement in founding Earth Day. Today, Four Seasons is continuing this tradition of conservation and environmental awareness.

Four Seasons Is Doing Its Part!

Like many other Chicago companies, Four Seasons is committed to the ideals of sustainable business and takes the extra step to ensure our processes and industry are as green as possible.

  • Ram Promasters: Four Seasons has just replaced 70 of its installation trucks with the far more efficient 2014 RamPromaster. With these improved vehicles, Four Seasons is poised to save:
    • 15,463 Gallons of Gasoline
    • or 813 drums of oil this year!
  • Nitrogen-Filled Tires: The tires of our fleet are now filled with nitrogen instead of compressed air. This yields a 5-10% increase in fuel economy. Across 261 vehicles this results in some incredible annual savings:
    • 8,929 – 17,857 Gallons of Gas
    • or 470 – 940 Drums of Oil
  • HVAC Recycling: Four Seasons recycles 98% of all materials in the furnace and air conditioner installation process, and no unit extracted from a customers home ever ends up in a landfill!
    • Over a five year span this accumulates to over 70,000 units kept out of landfills!

What You Can Do: A Four Seasons Clean and Check

Air conditioning accounts for a large percent of our summer energy expenditure. The best way to maintain the efficiency of your unit is with a Four Seasons 30+ point Clean and Check! Our technicians will inspect your unit from head to toe restoring the system to peak performance and peak efficiency. Now, to kick off the Spring Season, we are offering this service at the reduced rate of $89.95! View our coupons page for additional offers and promotions.

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