Choosing an HVAC Contractor

By Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric - June 6, 2018

Choosing an HVAC Contractor

The contractor you trust to take care of the heating and cooling systems in your home has a very important job. It is their responsibility to keep you cool on the hottest summer days and warm during the iciest of winters. Choose the wrong contractor and the problems they cause could place your comfort and your wallet in jeopardy.

There is no need to rush into making a decision, so take the time to do some research and find out if the contractor you are considering has any of these qualities:

7 Points to Consider When Choosing Your Heating and Cooling Contractor

1. Reputation

Ask your friends and family if they have ever used the contractor you are considering, and then take to the internet. Your friends and family will point you in the right direction, but the internet is full of consumer review websites that can give you a better picture of the contractor’s reputation. Check out the Better Business Bureau’s website too to find an unbiased perspective of your HVAC contractor’s reputation.

2. Reliability

How often is the HVAC contractor available? Don’t settle for someone that makes you work with their schedule, and search for a contractor with 24 hour availability, 7 days a week. This will give you peace of mind knowing that should the air conditioner or furnace fail, you will always have someone to call for help no matter the day or the time.

3. Professionalism

Find out if your contractor uses vehicles labeled with their name and technicians that come dressed in uniforms baring the company’s name. This is a sign of a true professional that hires employees that actually work for the company, not subcontractors.

4. HVAC Expertise

Ask your potential contractor what kind of training and expertise their technicians have. Find a company that employs only NATE certified technicians and that is licensed, bonded, and insured to perform work in your city.

5. Up-Front Policies and Pricing

Before you have a contractor out to your home, find out their warranty and pricing policy. If a contractor wants to charge you by the hour or doesn’t give you answers up-front, they may not be worth your time or your money. Extra charges for after hour, weekend, or holiday services is another sign that the company is more concerned about squeezing every last penny out of the customer rather than offering an honest, hassle-free service.

6. Innovative Products

Ask which manufacturer your heating and cooling company uses for parts and replacement systems, and then check out the reputation of that manufacturer. Companies that take pride in the products they offer will have top of the line systems that are known for their innovative design and reliable performance.

7. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Your HVAC contractor should be dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. These are the companies that listen to your problems and respond when issues arise. They have to make your home comfort their top priority and deliver on their promises.

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