Cleaning Up After a Flood: Carpeting

By Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric - June 19, 2015
Sofa sinking in the flood water

Regrettably, this week’s blog post is going to directly apply to too many families after the recent storms we’ve had, and it doesn’t look like they are going to slow down anytime soon. Even with only an inch of water, the damage can be extreme and the repairs can be expensive. It’s important to handle this situation correctly and address all the issues at hand.

There’s too much information to cover every step in one short blog post, so for the moment, we will focus on one of the most pressing issues, the carpet.

Flood Cleanup and Prevention

First and foremost, get in touch with your insurance provider. Your agent will be able to tell you the details of your flood insurance if you have any. Be sure to take a lot of photographs as you clean. You will need the documentation later. From there, you can address your carpet.

The key to salvaging your carpet is to act quickly. Cleaning: Pull up the carpet and drape it outside as quickly as possible. Use a hose to rinse out any dirt in the carpet and use a disinfecting carpet cleaner on any soiled spots. Still, mildew can develop while the carpet dries. Rinse the carpet again with a solution of 2 tablespoons of bleach per 1 gallon of water. However, this solution is not to be used on wool or nylon carpets. This carpet must now be thoroughly dried before replacing. Stuck in Place: If for whatever reason, the carpeting cannot be pulled up, use a wet/dry vacuum and dehumidifier to suck up as much water as possible. Be sure to open windows to encourage ventilation. Replace Entirely: Some carpeting cannot be salvaged. If sewage-contaminated water has soaked into the carpet, it is best to replace it entirely for health and safety reasons.

Flood Prevention Systems

If your home flooded once, there’s nothing to stop it from flooding again. Consider a battery backup system and or a standby home generator to ensure your sump pump has the power it needs when the next storm hits. Don’t delay, contact the licensed plumbers at Four Seasons Plumbing & Sewer to schedule service and protect your home today!

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