air conditioner hail

Chicago is known for its harsh winters and freezing winds, but most Chicagoland residents will agree that the city is no stranger to thunderstorms, either. Every summer, Chicagoland gets hit with thunder, lightning, tornadoes, and other potentially disastrous storms--including hailstorms. 

Every home in Chicago is guaranteed to be hit by hail at some point in its lifetime. To date, the largest recorded hail in Chicagoland fell in Minooka in 2015, measuring 4.75" in diameter. That's about the size of a grapefruit!

Hail of any size can cause damage to your air conditioner and overall HVAC system. Here are four things to look out for if your A/C has recently suffered through a hailstorm:

Cosmetic Damage

This is the simplest type of A/C damage that can occur because of a hailstorm. Little pings and dents in the outer shell of your air conditioner might not be the most attractive look for your A/C, but the unit should continue to work properly.

Coil Damage

Large hailstones can break through the outer shell of your air conditioner and cause damage to its internal parts. If this happens, the hail could create a leak in your A/C's internal copper coils. Damaged coils can leak Freon and prevent your system from functioning properly.

Electrical Lines

Hail can sometimes strike the electrical lines connecting your thermostat to your outdoor condenser. If a sizable hailstone collides with these electrical lines, your air conditioner could become unresponsive until the lines are repaired. 

Fan Blades

The most common A/C damage following a hailstorm is seen in its fan blades. Your A/C's fan blades are very sensitive, and even minor collisions can create a wobble in the blades. Major collisions can cause bends or breaks in the blades, which can further damage the internal systems of the unit. 

If your home recently suffered through a hail storm, your air conditioner could have damage that needs repaired. Contact Four Seasons today to get your A/C evaluated for hail damage.