Two Energy Efficiency Myths — Debunked!

By Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric - November 25, 2014

Energy efficiency has become increasingly popular in the budget-conscious times in which we live. With everyone looking to save money and pinch pennies, the utility bill seems a good place to start, and for good reason. Our utility bills are never going to go away and are directly impacted by our daily actions. With a few changes in our habits, and perhaps a small investment in new products, we can ultimately save money. However, there are numerous myths and misconceptions in the world of energy efficiency of which to be wary. Here on the Comfort Corner, we’ll shed some light on these misunderstandings and get to the bottom line in energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Myths

Efficiency and Conservation are the same things: This misconception is a natural one. Turning off the lights more and using your gas furnace less may result in lower energy bills, but this is not energy efficiency per se. This is energy conservation. While that may seem insignificant, conservation is not exactly the goal, and the same results can be achieved through energy-efficient means without depriving yourself of the light and heat you want.

Energy Efficiency is Expensive: Of the two we have talked about, this is certainly the most destructive. The misconception that energy efficiency is expensive, prevents people from saving money and prevents new technology from receiving the backing it deserves. Truly, this apprehension slows progress. Energy efficiency is an investment that will not only reduce costs without reducing comfort or convenience but also pay for itself over time in savings. This is perfectly illustrated in the use of light bulbs. Compact fluorescent lighting (or the new and even more efficient LED light bulbs) is vastly more efficient than its incandescent counterparts. Granted, the CFL bulbs have a higher upfront cost, but the difference in efficiency makes the CFL bulb the cheaper option overall.

The Same Is True for Furnace Efficiency!

Energy efficiency is an investment, and when it comes to furnaces, the same applies. An investment in a more efficient furnace will yield lower energy bills and eventually pay itself off in savings. This is doubly true if your unit is old, outdated, or in disrepair. Contact Four Seasons today to learn about the SLP98V a furnace operating at 98.2% efficiency!

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