What Does Rust on My Water Heater Mean?

By Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric - December 18, 2018
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Is the bottom of your water heater starting to look a little rusty? Or have you noticed rust-colored water coming from your faucets? These are definitely signs that something is wrong with your water heater and you may want to reach out to Four Seasons Plumbing & Sewer for an inspection. Our skilled contractors can quickly diagnose the cause of rust and offer ideas for a water heater repair solution. If necessary, we can also help you select and install an efficient water heater replacement.

When to Get Water Heater Services

The average water heater isn’t completely maintenance-free. It does require the occasional inspection to make sure everything is in good shape about once a year. Most knowledgeable homeowners can look up the maintenance needs for their make and model of the heater and follow them easily.

You’ll also want to replace the sacrificial anode once every five to ten years. Nearly all water heaters have a sacrificial anode inside that attracts the electrolytes in tap water. This rod is highly reactive and will rust before the metal lining of the water heater. It’s a nifty tool to preserve the longevity of your heater. However, the anode rod can eventually rust away and need replacing. We can help you with this task during a fast and easy appointment.

Other signs of rust that you may need water heater services for include:

  • Visible Rust Spots Around the Bottom of the Tank: Rust on the outside bottom of the tank can mean that the metal lining has completely corroded through the tank, or that your utility room is too moist and the outside of the tank is being exposed to liquid water.
  • Rust Spots Along the Top: Localized rust spots along the top of the tank could indicate a leaky pipe is dripping water onto the tank at times. You may not notice the water if the leak is slow or intermittent.
  • Rust Colored Hot Water from the Faucet: If the hot water from your faucet is yellow or rusty, it is a sign that the inside of your tank is rusting or has built up a layer of sediment. It may require a new anode rod or flushing out to remove the sediment in the tank.

Get a Water Heater Check Up From Us

Signs of rust, fluctuating water temperatures, and even odd popping and banging noises are all signs that shouldn’t be ignored. The problem might have an easy fix with prompt attention. Give Four Seasons Plumbing & Sewer a call or fill out our online contact form to arrange a fast inspection with the price estimate for water heater repair.

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