Winter Is Coming: Prepare Your AC

By Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric - September 30, 2014

The seasons are changing. You can already feel the chill and see your breath in the night air. While we all fire up our furnaces for the first time or try to abstain as long as possible, our air conditioners will require some attention in the coming days. The falling leaves of autumn and the heavy snows of winter can damage the air conditioner if it is not properly prepared. So, before we pluck the perfect pumpkin, check these helpful tips to protect your air conditioner throughout the off-season.

Winterizing the Air Conditioner

  • AC Cover: Autumn and winter are certainly the most hazardous seasons for your air conditioner to sit outside, and since bringing it indoors is not a feasible option, we are instead obligated to protect it outside. Falling leaves, sticks, sleet, and ice can damage the internal components of the air conditioner during the off-season, and the best way to protect against this is with an AC cover.
    • Four Seasons AC Covers: Customer fitted to your model, AC covers from Four Seasons are easy to apply, remove, and still allow the unit to breathe. Full body AC covers prevent water trapped inside from evaporating. This quickly creates the perfect environment for rust to develop.
  • Trim Back Bushes: Bushes, shrubs, and trees encroaching on the personal space of your air conditioner can easily drop leaves or small twigs into the unit. These twigs can become lodged and cause serious damage. Prune all your plants a good 18″-36″ away from the sides and several feet away from the top of the unit.
  • Clear Away Debris: Even with all your shrubberies trimmed and tidy, leaves are still going to find their way around the unit. With the high winds of Chicago land and Northwest Indiana, it is almost inevitable. Just stay vigilant and rake the leaves away when they accumulate.

Schedule Your Furnace Clean and Check

When one season ends, another begins. The most important factor in the quality and longevity of your heating system is regular maintenance. Plus, every Clean and Check comes with the Four Seasons No Breakdown Guarantee. Should our technicians fail to spot an issue that leads to a breakdown within a year of your service, we’ll return for FREE to correct the problem. Gain peace of mind and confidence in your heating system today with a Four Seasons Clean and Check.

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