For a Greener Tomorrow
The Recycling and Conservation Efforts of Four Seasons

At Four Seasons, we understand the importance of conservation and energy efficiency. We all share the same planet and the same obligation to care for its well being. For this reason, Four Seasons does everything it can to curb energy expenditures and create a lean, stable company drawing no more resources than absolutely necessary. We have taken this pledge to every aspect of our business and found some staggering results.

HVAC Recycling

With every install, Four Seasons takes the extra step to strip down and recycle each unit we replace. In fact, 98% of everything in the installation process is recycled by Four Seasons, and no units ever end up in a landfill. These green initiatives add up to some shocking statistics.

Peel Apart Old HVAC Systems

Four Seasons recycles ALL furnaces, air conditioners and boilers

Recycled Metal

We strip down and separate the precious metals from the discarded units. All of the copper, aluminum, and sheet metal are kept out of landfills!

Recycled Cardboard

We also recycle all the carboard and packaging used in your new unit.

Recycling Refrigerant

R-22, the older AC refrigerant, contains hydrochlorofluorocarbons which can damage our ozone layer if they escape the system. Where others carelessly release this gas into the air, Four Seasons goes the extra mile to properly recover all refrigerant and send it in for recycling.

Green Office

Though not an obvious energy draw, offices can easily consume an enormous amount of power through hundreds of lighting fixtures, computers, and other electronics. However, as you will see, Four Seasons has taken measures to eliminate as much waste as possible.

Paperless Initiatives

While electricity is a major resource consumed in an office, paper is the most wasted. To counteract this, Four Seasons has become a "Paperless Office" and now utilizes a digital alternative whenever possible. In the field, our Comfort Specialists make use of smart phones and tablets. This allows us to digitize all forms and sales materials. As a result of our efforts, there is less time (and paper) wasted, and Four Seasons has grown more efficient by doing away with archaic and obsolete processes.

Energy Star Computers

Four Seasons spent the extra dollar to ensure our company remains green. All our office employees diligently work on Energy Star rated monitors and computers, and our call center contains eight Energy Star televisions to display call statuses.

Mitsubishi Electric

Our office is both heated and cooled using the zoned efficiency of roughly 20 Mitsubishi Comfort Systems. Not only can we now effectively heat and cool the specific areas of the building occupied by our employees, but by replacing our old gas powered forced air roof units, we have increased the SEER rating of our cooling systems from 6 SEER to 26 SEER!

Ultra Efficient Boiler

In the winter, the zoned heating systems are supplemented by an ultra high-efficiency boiler. For every unit of fuel put into the boiler, 96% is turned directly into heat with minimal waste. This boiler ends up being as efficient as the best furnaces on the market.


Four Seasons has installed motion sensor lights with 5 minute timers in many areas of the office building including the entire warehouse. This allows us to only illuminate the necessary areas of the office during the work day. Additionally, when these T-5 compact fluorescent lights are in use, they are roughly ten times more efficient than conventional incandescent lighting.

Building Improvements

The Four Seasons office building and warehouse was constructed in 1966. Since we have moved in, we upgraded to ENERGY STAR rated windows and purchased a new, energy efficient light gray EPDM rubber roof. EPDM rubber is renown for its resistance to heat and cold making it the perfect roofing material for our fluctuating climate. Because of these modifications and the other Green Initiatives, we actually use 78% less energy than the previous owners of the same building.

Green Fleet

Four Seasons owns and maintains a personal fleet of over 350 vehicles. From install and service trucks to fuel efficient sedans for our Comfort Specialists, every car was selected with efficiency in mind.

Chevy Spark

The Chevy Sparks are used by our Salesmen as they travel from town to town throughout Chicago land and Northwest Indiana helping customers improve their home comfort and reduce their carbon footprint. The Chevy Spark has a lot of attractive features that make them perfect for our fleet:

  • 32 city, 38 highway MPG
  • 314 mi Range
  • 10 Airbags
  • OnStar Capabilities

Ford Transit Van Connect Wagon

As our transit vans require replacement, Four Seasons has invested in cutting edge commercial vehicles by upgrading to the all-new Ford Transit Connect. These state-of-the-art machines boast an impressive increase in fuel economy over their already impressive predecessors currently in use within the Four Seasons fleet.

  • 34% Increase in Fuel Economy
  • 21 City, 27 Highway MPG
  • 135 Cubic Feet of Storage

Ford Transit Vans

Our service trucks need to be spacious enough to carry spare parts and equipment. Enter the Ford Transit Van with excellent fuel economy and the perfect size.

  • Best In-Class Fuel Economy
  • 354 mi Range

Nitrogen-Filled Tires

Normal air-inflated tires actually vary in pressure based on the weather. This leads to an inconsistent fill and a reduction in fuel efficiency. The beauty of nitrogen is that no matter what the weather decides to throw at us, our tires will remain consistent. By maintaining proper levels all year round, our trucks consume 5-10% less fuel than those with fluctuating pressures. Now, extrapolate those numbers to a fleet of 350 cars, and the conserved energy quickly adds up.

The Recycling and Conservation Efforts of Four Seasons

Creating a greener Four Seasons is an ongoing process that will never truly be complete. As technology progresses and new opportunities arise, we will always search for ways to eliminate waste and reduce our carbon footprint within this industry and on this planet.

If we each take a small step, together we can walk a mile towards a greener tomorrow. Four Seasons has already taken the first step. Are you ready to take yours? Learn how to live a more sustainable life today with help from the Midwest's greenest HVAC company, Four Seasons.

  • Programmable Thermostat: The iComfort Wifi Thermostat provides complete control of your home comfort with the touch of a button. Control your HVAC equipment from your smartphone and set your thermostat to know when you are away!
  • Insulation: Four Seasons provides one of the most economical ways to save energy and stay green. The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) states that by using blown-in insulation services a household or business is sure to save up to 20% a year on heating and cooling costs.
  • High-Efficiency Furnaces: The SLP 98V is the pinnacle of heating equipment in terms of quality, durability, and efficiency. 98% AFUE and operates at 50 decibels, quieter than a human whisper.
  • Eco-Friendly Air Conditioners: Top of the line Lennox air conditioners like the XC21 use ozone-friendly R410-a refrigerant to bring comfort to your home during even the hottest Chicago summers, and with efficiency ratings up to 21 SEER, you will save money on your energy bills while doing your part to protect our planet!
  • Mitsubishi Comfort Systems: Customize your home comfort without consuming a drop more fuel than absolutely necessary. Our Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps provide targeted heating and cooling where you need it most eliminating waste while maximizing comfort.
  • Windows, Siding, and Doors: Take your green initiatives outside too! With the ENERGY STAR windows, siding, and doors options from Four Seasons Home Services, you can create a sustainable home both inside and out.