Four Savings™: Foursight and Your Energy Bills

By Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric - November 14, 2014

Digital programmable thermostats have done wonders for the energy efficiency of homes all around the world. The ability to preplan heating and cooling schedules around your daily routine helps prevent waste. There’s simply no need to heat or cool a home when no one is in it, and a digital programmable thermostat goes a long way to prevent this situation.

But, FourSight™ and the Smart thermostats powered by it take this same concept even further to save not only energy but money as well.

FourSight™ is 24/7!

Instant Temperature Settings: Programmed thermostat schedules are perfect for a normal day within the normal routine, but how many days in the year are really all that normal? If an extra errand, a late night at the office, or a spontaneous night on the town cause you to deviate from your thermostat schedule, a simple override from your Smartphone, tablet, or personal web portal ensures your Wednesday whim does not cost you a penny extra on your energy bills.

Plan Ahead, Know Where You Stand: Trying to reduce your energy bills has always been a guessing game. How much am I really saving? What is the impact of these changes? Now using FourSight™, generate reports on your cost-cutting efforts and know exactly how much money is saved each month! With this knowledge, you can curb or indulge in your heating and cooling systems to fit your budget with confidence.

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The advancements in heating and cooling technology have always been aimed at providing more precise comfort with lower energy consumption. FourSight™ is truly the pinnacle of that goal; never before have homeowners had such instant access to their HVAC system. When the furnace and AC can account for over half your energy bill in peak seasons, the opportunities to save, reduce, and conserve while still maintaining the same levels of comfort are limitless.

Yet, this is only a small fraction of the difference FourSight™ can make in your heating and cooling strategy. To read more about FourSight™, check out our blog collection on the Comfort Corner or contact a Four Seasons Representative today!

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